COVID-19 Reopening Andaman Tourism Updates

Updated 23rd Sep 2021: All Tourism Activities are Open in Andamans

If you’re double-vaccinated and it has been 15 days since your second dose:
  1. Carry COWIN certificate with you, you don’t need an RTPCR test
  2. Carry ID proof mentioned on the COWIN certificate
If you’ve gotten no doses, are partially vaccinated (one dose) or it has not been 15 days since the second dose:
  1. Carry RTPCR report from within 48 hrs before starting the journey from an ICMR-approved lab
  2. You’ll undergo compulsory & free RTPCR test in Port Blair on arrival
  3. A single day quarantine in Port Blair, until test results arrive, is mandatory

FAQs on Tourism in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands during COVID-19

1. How will my travel be affected while I’m travelling on the islands?

  • Beaches are open only from 10 AM to 5 PM.
  • Tourists are advised to maintain a minimum of two meters distance from one another in public places.
  • There will be a cap on no. of tourists allowed in the Cellular Jail and tickets will be issued online only, no physical tickets will be issued.
  • Light and Sound show in Cellular Jail and Ross Island will operate at 50% capacity in order to maintain social distancing.
  • We advice you to not book everything in advance as you might need to make last minute changes to your plan.
  • When booking hotels and activities, please ask for their cancellation policy to be aware and prepared.

2. Which Flights are operating currently to Port Blair?

  • Many airlines like Indigo, Spice Jet, Air India, Go Air, Vistara have now started regular flights to Port Blair
  • Direct Flights to Port Blair will now fly from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi.
  • Check out flights on:
  • Flights are regularly getting diverted, delayed or cancelled. As flights are scarce and irregular, we suggest that you opt for refundable bookings.

3. Which Ferries are operating currently to Havelock & Neil?

  • Private Ferry Makruzz has been operational from 28th Aug between Port Blair & Havelock. Tourists need to mandatorily present hard copy of RT-PCR test while boarding the ferry.
    To Book Private Ferry – Click Here
  • The government ferries are also operational on a regular basis. The ferry schedules will have to be checked directly at the jetty since they’re subject to change.

4. What are some hotels offering cancellations and refunds?

Since post-COVID traveling is still new and uncertain we recommend that you make fully refundable/cancellable hotel bookings. Here’s a curated list of hotels that are offering free cancellation till 2-4 days before booking day.

Luxury Hotels

Mid-Budget Hotels

Budget Hotels

5. How to have the best time in Andaman, given the current situation?

Here’s what you can do in Andaman during this time:

  • Workation: With fast internet recently installed on the islands, Andaman is soon going to be the next hot destination for a workation. Andaman has several budget resorts and hotels where you can go with your team or just by yourself to work during the day and chill by the beach during the evening.
  • Beaches & Chill: With less number of people visiting the islands, this is the perfect time to just relax on the beaches! The weather now is perfect for the outdoors. You can spend hours just laying all day in the sun while enjoying quick dips in the Andaman Sea.
  • Visit Port Blair, Havelock and Neil: These are the three most popular islands and remain open along with all water sports including diving. An adventure filled trip here would be great at this time, because crowds are lesser and the weather is great! (As of January, 2021)
  • Do your diving course: The best instructors and dive centres are now starting to operate and this is a perfect time to learn how to dive or do the next level of your course.

Our Recommendations

  • Carry COVID-related necessities like face mask and sanitizers.
  • Follow all the rules and regulations laid down by the hotels you stay at and the places you visit.
  • Have a relaxed trip. Don’t cram in everything, instead make the absolute best of one or two locations.
  • Minimise the number of hotels you book and the ferries you take.
  • Book your flights in a way that you travel to Havelock/Neil on the day you land in Port Blair, so as to skip the hotel in Port Blair (this is only if you are planning to use Port Blair only as a transit point).
  • We recommend making fully refundable/cancellable bookings to accommodate any last-minute changes.
  • Stay safe and take all the necessary precautions to travel safely during this time.

Note: We will update the article as and when we receive new updates from Andaman and Nicobar Administration.

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