How to get there

How to get to Baratang


The best way to reach Baratang is by taking a government bus, a private AC bus or by hiring a private vehicle/car. Two wheelers are not allowed. You will have to travel through the ‘Andaman Trunk Road’ (ATR) and move in a convoy with occasional short ferry connections among the islands. This is a four-hour bumpy ride but the lush jungles and blue waters can make the ride quite interesting.

One point to note here is that, one can spot a few Jarawas on the way. The ATR cuts through the jungle that is home to the indigenous Jarawa tribe and many tribals people wait on the sides of the road to cross to the other side. Interacting with them, giving them food, gifts or even clicking their pictures is NOT allowed. One can be fined and imprisoned for the same.

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