What to see in Baratang

What to see in Baratang

Baratang is a perfect destination for nature lovers as it offers magnificent natural sights and diverse wildlife scenery.

  • The impressive limestone caves are one of a kind with its glamorous stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations.
  • Parrot island is another fine attraction worth your attention if you are fond of bird watching. Thousands of colorful parrots can be spotted (and heard) returning to their nests in the evening time, with a perfect background as the sun sets behind the island.
  • The least attractive, but a famous sight nonetheless, is the mud volcano, the only known kind in India. It is nothing but a small bubbling puddle of mud. Though many find it a waste of time, some marvel at the science and marvels of nature when they go here.
  • Baludera beach is a pristine beach that is usually never crowded. You can enjoy a swim all by yourself and splash across a kilometer in low tide.


Mud Volcano at Baratang


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