About Diglipur

About Diglipur

Diglipur Island, Andaman

The fascinating town of Diglipur is the largest town in the North Andaman Islands and yet, often goes unnoticed because of its distance from other popular tourist attractions (Havelock and Port Blair). But perhaps, it is this very distance that makes it such a different and adventurous place!

With its rich flora and fauna, natural parks and lively marine life, there are so many options to actively spend your holidays here. From climbing the highest peak in the Gulf of Bengal to exploring a network of underground caves, observing an active mud volcano or witnessing turtle nesting and hatching embraced by crystal clear waters, Diglipur is a wonder for all.

Which is why those who do make the long journey far North are well rewarded with mind-blowing natural attractions. Adventure lovers often visit Diglipur with snorkeling gear, trekking shoes and time on their hands. They book their stay for weeks together here.

However, by the looks of it, it still looks like any small dusty town. The infrastructure is developing very slowly and it is not a very easy place to stay in for tourists. Public transport (bus) has fixed timings and autos/taxis are pricey. Scooters are also few in number and difficult to get hold of.

All in all, Diglipur is not a general tourist attraction. But those who dare to reach here sure are up for adventure they cannot experience anywhere else!

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