How to get to Diglipur

How to get to Diglipur

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Situated far up in the North Andaman, Diglipur is around 290km by road and 180km by sea from Port Blair.

Tourists can choose to travel by road, by sea or by air.

By Air: Helicopters are definitely the fastest and the most exciting option for travel. The ride offers breath-taking aerial views of the emerald islands and is worth the extra cost. But, the seats are limited, often full and one must book at least a day in advance.Do check at A&N Tourism Information Centre about the timings and fare. There is also a baggage limitation.

By Sea: Diglipur is most commonly reached by boat. There are direct ship services available 3-4 times per week from Phoenix Bay to Aerial Bay, from where it is around 9km to Diglipur and 9km to Kalipur in the opposite direction. The whole journey takes around 10 hours and longer but more convenient overnight sails are also available. Tickets can be booked at Phoenix Bay office or at the administration block by ‘the Dolphin roundabout’ in Diglipur.

By Road: One can travel up north also by Andaman Trunk Road, crossing three creeks on the way and the Jarawa tribe area. The journey however is exhausting and it can take up to 12 long hours. There are number of early morning buses plying daily from Port Blair to Diglipur. The tickets need to be bought in advance at least a day prior to the travel date. There are also private AC buses available offering more comfort but are pricier.

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