What to see in Diglipur

What to see in Diglipur


The Andamans aren’t just sea and sand as most would assume. Impressive natural attractions up north prove that there is so much more to the islands. However don’t expect much of Diglipur itself, as there is absolutely no reason why one should linger around for too long. But, the surrounding sights are a completely different story. The Saddle Peak National Park offers peaceful admiration of lush green tropical forests, with lovey aerial views of the nearby islands for those, who do manage the tough climb up the highest peak of the Andamans. In the midst of dense jungle a spring and waterfall of Kalpong river can be found and one can still drink the fresh water directly from the stream at “Thambu Nali”.

The same river flows through Diglipur and sustains the first and only Hydroelectricity Power Plant of the archipelago. The huge dams near Kalighat can be visited and it is definitely a sight to behold the great power of nature. In the vicinity of Kalighat there are mangrove-fringed creeks where adventure freaks will love the chances of spotting saltwater crocodiles in their natural habitat (Do not enter this area on your own).
Seeing how Swiftlets nest in the network of underground Alfred caves is an additional chance of witnessing the wonders of nature. Another rare attraction in the area is active mud volcano near Shyam Nagar entwined in the forest. And, oh yes, there are beaches, plenty of them. The most famous one is without a doubt a twin island of Ross and Smith connected by a thin sand bar, offering the most picture perfect beach you will ever see in your life. Even the most spoiled beach hunters are going to melt by the pristine beauty of the place. Then there is Kalipur beach and Ram Nagar, both with volcanic sands and being a turtle nesting area in the season. Lamiya beach is shell-covered beach by the foothills of the National Park and then there is Craggy Island with amazing underwater world worthy of getting your head underneath the water surface.

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