Where to stay in Little Andaman

Where to stay in Little Andaman


While most of the touristy islands escaped severe damage from the 2004 tsunami, Little Andaman didn’t share the same luck. Almost the entire island was ravaged, but it is slowly bouncing back on the track, rebuilding small bamboo hut resorts and other infrastructure. However there are still limited stay options as the island has few resorts with couple of governmental guesthouses. Accommodation is much cheaper then in the other islands but the choice is poor as there are mainly budget bamboo huts with shared bathrooms. So-called “eco-friendly” places are same as everywhere else on the Andaman Islands, meaning that cheaper natural material was used instead of concrete. There are still unsolved issues about waste disposals and recycling, so eco friendliness is under a question mark. Camping is not permitted on public land, but some places allow putting a tent on their property for a small fee. There are no luxury hotels available. Almost all places are run by the local families, which give you a welcoming friendly feeling like staying at their home. The prices vary in high and low season and if you stay for longer they will give you a special discount.

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