How to get to Mayabunder

How to get to Mayabunder


Mayabunder is linked by daily buses from Port Blair heading on Andaman Trunk Road via Baratang and Rangat. The buses leave Port Blair early in the morning (at around 4 am) and are available till 11 am. It’s an exhausting nine to ten hours’ bumpy ride through parts of dense jungle and with ferries linking the islands. You may also spot the Jarawa tribe on the ATR. Make sure you do not click their photographs, give gifts/food or communicate with them. Any such behaviour is legally punishable.
Another and definitely more comfortable option is taking a ferry from Phoenix Bay Jetty in Port Blair to Diglipur (via Mayabunder). The journey takes about eight to nine hours, depending on the weather conditions. There are two weekly ferries, one on Monday and another one on Friday, but do check the timetables online or at the ticket counter as they do often change. Don’t forget the photocopies of your permit, visa and passport before getting into queue. Mayabunder is the only place apart from Port Blair that has the facility of harbouring passenger ships from the mainland.

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