What to See in Mayabunder

What to See in Mayabunder?

Mayabunder is not as active and crowded as other tourist spots but has plenty to offer. The only attractions in the town are the remains of an old jetty build by a German engineer during 2nd World War, hence the name German Jetty. There is also a Forest Department Museum and a small Mangrove Awareness Centre. For all beach lovers there is a distant Karmatang beach, which is also a turtle nesting ground from December to February when you can spot turtles nesting in the grey sand. An interesting sight is also Kalighat creek, situated on the way from Mayabunder to Diglipur, where you can spot saltwater crocodiles in their natural environment. If you feel like having a true jungle experience head to the wild, elephant inhabited Interview Island.

Karmatang – mayabander’s best beach

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