Neil Island

Reaching Neil Island, Getting Around & Transfers to other Islands


Neil is a small island, accessible through many other islands in the Andaman archipelago; however, to get here one must enter Port Blair first.

Port Blair is the entry point to the Andaman Islands.

Neil Island is a small place, only about 7 km from one corner to another. Although renting a scooter is possible without any hassle, the small size of the islands makes it one of those places that is best explored on a bicycle.

Most resorts can give you a rented bicycle or scooter almost immediately, while cars might need to be pre-booked. Prices vary (bicycles start from INR 100/day, Scooters from INR 400/day and cars start from INR 1200/day). If you are renting a scooter, make sure you refill gas before sunset as all the fuel stations on the island close by then.

Auto rickshaws are also broadly available and they’ll cost you INR 100 from the jetty to any resort.

• Neil Market to Sitapur Beach: 4.5 km
• Neil Market to Laxmanpur Beach: 2 km
• Neil Market to Neil Jetty: 0.6 km
• Sitapur beach to Laxmanpur Beach: 6.5 km

Transfers between Neil and other islands is possible in 3 ways:

By Private ferries

Neil is connected to Port Blair (1.5 hours) and Havelock (1 hour) by a private ferry.

Government Ferries

Neil is connected to Rangat, Havelock, and Port Blair by government ferries. Find ferry schedules here.

Three times a week, a ferryboat also leaves from Long Island to Port Blair, stopping in Havelock and in Neil. However, for government ferries, only 4 days advance booking is possible. (If you are a foreign tourist, don’t forget the photocopies of your permit, visa, and passport before queuing up to buy the ticket.)


Helicopters fly to Neil a couple of times during the week. Their schedules are generally undecided and getting a ticket is often difficult.
The best and most reliable way to get from:

Port Blair to Neil and back

While government ferries and helicopters are available, the private catamarans are the best, most reliable, and the fastest way to reach Neil from Port Blair. Ferries ply about once a day, mostly in the mornings and take between 1.5 – 2 hours. Ferries do not usually ply post 04:30 pm. Timings keep changing depending on the season.

Book a ticket on Makruzz or Green Ocean here.
Find schedule of government ferries here

Havelock to Neil and back 

Just like from Port Blair, getting to Neil from Havelock too is most convenient on a private ferry, all thanks to the easy booking process. Ferries ply about once a day. Timings keep changing depending on the season but the standard time is usually around 11 am.

Find schedule of government ferries here
Tickets from Havelock to Neil can be booked here.

Neil to Rangat and back

Government ferries operate about 3 times a week from Port Blair to Rnagat and takes a stop and Neil. Similarly, ferries ply from Rangat to Port Blair via Neil. Find out ferry schedules here

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