Neil Island

Restaurants in Neil Island


Neil Island has always been the biggest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Andaman Islands; so when it comes to fresh produce, plenty is available. Thanks to its village-like environment and rustic atmosphere, the concept of eating out in restaurants and cafes hasn’t been able to infiltrate the island. So what do the locals do when they get bored of eating at home? They head to the local bazaar and have a snack at the small stalls and eateries.

Several resorts in Neil Island have in-house restaurants mostly run by the owner’s family. The menu mainly consists of what they know how to make and what travellers have taught them. Also, know, you got to arrive at the restaurant and order before you get hungry. The waiting time is long as the food’s prepared from fresh produce and generally lip-smacking.

The new luxury hotels looming in the island have in-house restaurants that mainly serve Indian and Continental cuisine.


Neil Island wakes up to a slow start, so breakfast is only available at most restaurants after 08:30 am. Most tourists head to AND Restaurant and Mega Restaurant at Bharatpur Beach or Bangali Hotel and Amulys Restaurant at the market place for breakfast.

If you want to eat like a local stop by the canteen at the Jetty and enjoy a hearty South Indian breakfast, piping hot idlis and masala dosas are a must have here.

Street Food in Neil Island

Street food in Neil Island is usually found at the jetty or at the market area. There are shops and vendor carts selling hot and freshly made samosas, dal pakoras, and jalebis.

Great Restaurants for Candlelight Dinner in Neil Island

Secluded beaches and picturesque vistas grace the island and if you are visiting with your partner, thanks to the surrounding, it’s impossible not to fall in love all over again. Imagine this, you are at the beachside, enjoying a private candlelight dinner with your loved one. You can hear the ocean play its music for you and feel the sea breeze in your hair – this experience can be your reality in Neil Island.

Sea Shell Neil, Pearl Park, Tango Beach Resort, TSG Aura, and Summer Sands organize great candlelight dinners in Neil Island.


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