How to get to Rangat

How to get to Rangat

Several morning bus services are available between Port Blair and Rangat. The journey trough Andaman Trunk Road is very tiring and it can take up to seven hours by bus. Some Jarawa tribals can be seen on the way. Do note that any interaction with them is illegal.

The bus station is at the centre of Rangat from where almost all the accommodation options are reachable by foot. There is also a government boat that connects Rangat Bay from Havelock/Neil/Port Blair and vice versa. The jetty is around 10km distance from the main bazaar. The boat runs four days a week but it is advisable to check the schedule, as it is subjective to change. Another option for how to get to Rangat is by a small ferry from Long Island. In a short boat ride trough mangrove creeks you’ll reach Yerrata jetty, which is about 8km away from the main market. There are auto-rickshaws and public jeeps available and if lucky you can also catch a local bus. Again, do check for timetables though as they do change.


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