Activities in Rangat

Activities in Rangat

Yerrata Mangrove awareness centre

The outskirts of Rangat has beautiful attractions that offer experiences that will appeal mostly to nature lovers and adventure junkies. Murichdera is a rocky mountainous terrain opposite to Aamkunj Bay and perfect for a trek. In the midst of Panchawati hills there is a small waterfall to be found, but is best visited during the rainy season. For all botany enthusiasts there are numerous plantations and agriculture farms where one can see how spices or even coffee is being grown. Of course then there are the evergreen mangrove creeks and forests with exotic flora and fauna. These are ideal for bird watching. The beaches offer swimming and even snorkeling, but do take care of the sharp rocks at some beaches. There are no dive centers nor snorkel rental places, so don’t forget to bring your own gear. Sunbathing is possible at Aamkunj and Moricedera beach as both are sand flies free. From December to February one can observe turtle nesting and baby turtles hatching on the beaches of Cutbert Bay and Dhanilalah.


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