What to See in Rangat

What to See in Rangat

Dhaninalla Beach

There is not much to see in Rangat itself but if you cruise around the area you will be surprised at the natural attractions it has to offer. Of course there are beaches, but Middle Andaman has also a pebble beach (Aamkunj) and rocky beach with volcanic rock formations (Moricedera) that differ greatly from the other beaches in the Andaman Islands. At Cutbert Bay we can find yet another beautiful beach embraced by lush forest and ideal turtle nesting ground. It is a fascinating attraction to be seen in season when baby turtles from Hawksbill turtles rush to the sea. Then there is Dhanilalah, known as the most beautiful beach of Middle Andaman, with its 5km long stretch of soft sands, reachable only trough dense mangrove forest by the longest mangrove-walking trail in the country. All the beaches have been developed into Eco friendly picnic places with adequate (toilets, benches, tables) facilities.

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