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Getting Around in Neil Island

Neil Island is a small place, only about 7 km from one corner to another. Although renting a scooter is possible without any hassle, the small size of the islands makes it one of those places that are best explored on a bicycle.

Most resorts can give you a rented bicycle or scooter almost immediately, while cars might need to be pre-booked. Prices vary  (bicycles start from INR 100/day, Scooters from INR 400/day, and cars start from INR 1200/day). If you are renting a scooter, make sure you refill gas before sunset as all the fuel stations on the island close by then.

Auto-rickshaws are also broadly available and they’ll cost you INR 100 from the jetty to any resort.

• Neil Market to Sitapur Beach: 4.5 km
• Neil Market to Laxmanpur Beach: 2 km
• Neil Market to Neil Jetty: 0.6 km
• Sitapur beach to Laxmanpur Beach: 6.5 km

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