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Sea Walking at Elephant Beach (with photography)

About the activity

A trip to Havelock is incomplete without sea walking. Traverse the underwater as you walk on the smooth and clean seabed alongside colourful fish and amidst dynamic coral reefs. A mental image is not the only memory you’ll be taking back with you; take pictures of the vivacious life underwater and cherish this experience.

About the Provider

Run by a team of professional scuba divers, sea walking instructors, and underwater photographers, Sea Link Adventures is the first and only sea walk franchise in India. Besides providing unforgettable experiences to their guests, they are known in the industry for their helpful and friendly staff and state-of-the-art equipment and gears.


  • Trained instructor
  • All gear
  • Photography


  1. Reach the Havelock Jetty and take a 20-minute boat ride to Elephant Beach
  2. On arrival, take a small boat ride to the sea walking pontoon
  3. Take a small training session and learn how to communicate underwater with knowledgeable instructors
  4. Suit up for the adventure and experience walking in the heart of the ocean surrounded by exotic corals and a variety of fish. Activity lasts 20 minutes


90 Minutes


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Important Info

  1. Age requirement: 7+ years
  2. The course is restricted for: pregnant women, and people suffering from asthma, blood pressure, and any kind of heart condition and back problems
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