Chand Restaurant

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Neil Kendra, Neil Island

About Chand Restaurant

Chand restaurant is the first restaurant that opened on Neil Island to cater to foreign tourists. Twenty years later Chand’s place is the most popular and the fastest eatery in Neil Kendra. The place is large with blue walls, long tables and wooden benches. On busy nights they expand their tables outside on the market pavement if necessary. Chand serves delicious Indian dishes, fresh seafood as well as some popular International dishes. On the menu one can find Spanish tortilla, gespacho, Israeli salads and Polish snacks. They serve fresh juices, masala tea and their coffee is above average. The place is always full with foreign travelers making lively conversation.
In 2014, the owner expanded his business to the jetty where he opened Sea Chand Restaurant and serves quick bites, snacks and hot/cold beverages for those waiting for their jetty ride.



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Serves Non Veg

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