Romantic Things to Do in Andaman

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Romantic Things to Do in Andaman

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Consisting of 300 islands in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman has become a prime location for romantic getaways. With white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, the islands have grown into one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the country.

In the last five years, hundreds of couples have booked their holidays to Andaman, turning it into a couple-friendly travel spot where they get to experience the very best of nature.

For the Luxury Travellers

1. Candlelight Dinner

If you want to pamper your loved one and want a memory to cherish together, then a candlelight dinner by the sea and under the stars is your perfect opportunity! This is an experience that will weave the magic of Andaman into a romantic dinner with some sparkling wine and delicious food. After all, those are the only things that a heart craves…

2. Couple Massage

Couple massages are a wonderful way to relax and de-stress. They hold the power to create a closer bond in your relationship through a shared experience. Let go of all your worries, and enjoy a soothing massage with your loved one at luxurious stays like Aqua Spa and Symphony Samudra.

3. Dinner Cruise in Port Blair

Enjoy a tasty dinner with a panoramic view of South Andaman with light Nicobar music, all aboard the luxury cruise in Port Blair. The trip begins in the evening and passes by different islands, giving off a spectacular night view of Andaman.

4. Go Fishing and Snorkelling in Havelock

For a personal and unforgettable experience of the marine life and corals in Andaman, this is a must-do activity! With instructors by your side, you can hire a private boat and learn fishing and snorkeling in Havelock. Take your time to swim in the water and learn the tricks of fishing in the crystal clear waters of the island.

5. Get Pampered

Andaman has some of the best luxury hotels in the country for relieving couple massage therapies & spas. Indulge yourself and your partner in some self-care and massage at hotels such as Munjoh, Taj, Barefoot, and Symphony Samudra.

6. Couple Shoots

No couple’s getaway is complete without those amazing photos of yourselves. Professional photographers will capture the romantic moments with your loved one at Ross Island. After all, memory is brought to life by a thousand pictures.

For Everyone

1. Dedicate your Favourite Songs

What better way to build a romantic vibe than some great songs! Music is said to be the best catalyst to rekindle your love. Dedicate some of the favourite songs of your partner and enjoy the picturesque rooftop at Amaya Bar in Port Blair.

2. Go Dancing

Want to go dancing with your partner? Look no further. Bonova Café & Pub in Havelock is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal and experience local live music along with nightlife at its best.

3. Café Hopping in Havelock

Tired of pub-hopping? Want to try something new? Then go for a café hopping in Havelock. The place is filled with multiple cafes serving superb food and beverages and each café has its own story to tell you. Take a day off to sit in a café and read a book by the sea and simply, enjoy the company of each other.

4. Hammocking

Take out time to unwind by the beach, lie on a hammock and read a book together. The beach is a perfect place to let your work-life and everyday stress drift away while you spend some quality time with your partner.

5. Room Décor and Cake

Candles, balloons, rose petals, cake…yes you can have all that and more! Celebrate your love with romantic room decor, upon request at almost all hotels in Andaman.

If you are looking for that extra honeymooning time with your loved one, the Andaman Islands should be first on your wish-list!

Plan the next bank holiday weekend, pack just about the right set of clothes, book a flight and have a blast at Andaman, the hidden gem of the Bay of Bengal!

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