Jolly Buoy

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park



Sparkling hues of blue spread seamlessly in the clear pristine waters. Bright white sand lining the water. Jolly Buoy seems a befitting name for this little piece of paradise in Andaman. Part of the 15 islands in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park; it is one of the two that is open to tourists.
Colours dominate the landscape here, with brightly hued corals dotting the serene waters. One of the best places for coral spotting, a trip to this island will never disappoint you. Glide peacefully on a glass boat with the beautiful corals and marine life right beneath you. Or bring out your adventurous side by indulging in snorkeling as you revel among the corals and the abundant marine life. The sand proves soothing and seems perfect to make sandcastles. Unlike other beaches, you will find Jolly Buoy litter free, owing to the island being a no plastic zone.
The island is preserved in its pristine form with just a limited number of tourists allowed on it. You will be privy to a private beach like atmosphere. So splash, swim or just sit quietly on the sand as the gentle waves tickle your toes, soaking in the ubiquitous beauty and serenity.

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