The 10 Best Restaurants in Havelock (2021 Edition)

Havelock, one of the most visited places in Andaman and Nicobar islands, is famous not only for the beautiful sights but also the lip smacking food! While in Havelock don’t forget to check out few of these amazing restaurants -:

#1 Full Moon Café

Location: Beach No 3, inside Dive India


Full Moon Café brings everything you’d want in a restaurant together, blending its good food with friendly staff, great design and a gorgeous ocean view. This Charming restaurant is one of Havelock’s most recommended restaurants. The best part of the place is that all its food is prepared using fresh local ingredients. Try out their American pancakes or their freshly brewed coffee that stand proof of this. The cozy setting and soothing ambiance make Full Moon Café an escape from the noisy affair of daily life. Although some dishes may be a bit pricey, the place does give you the full value of your money. 

#2 Something Different Café

Address: Beach No. 2


Something different is a beautiful sea side cafe, located very close to the Havelock jetty. With low seating and beach murals on the wall, the interiors here are a fresh change from the several other restaurants that dot Havelock’s beaches. The vibe here is great and there it makes quite the cozy spot for conversation. Multi-cuisine veg and non-veg dishes are available. With a 100 person capacity, this cafe is perfect for lazy meals and large groups. It really is something different.

#3 Fat Martin

Address: Beach No.5


Interesting name, right? This open-air eatery was named after one of its friendly chefs, Martin. It may be small but is highly recommended mostly because of its mouth-watering food. Situated in the Andaman Bubbles dive shop, the entire café has just three tables, a small kitchen, and a few staff that are always smiling and ready to help.

The food here is perfect for a quick bite and is freshly prepared. The menu is very different from most other restaurants and every dish, may it be the idli available for breakfast or the roll made during lunch is served with a twist. We recommend you try a dessert named ‘Hello to the Queen’ here.

#4 Anju Coco

Address: Beach No. 5


Despite having slightly higher prices than other restaurants in Havelock, Anju Coco always manages to amass a large crowd during every peak season. Its delicious food caters to all kinds of cravings, be it pasta, pizza, burgers, or even crepes. A lot of travelers have said that the food here reminds them of what they get back home, and many visit this restaurant again. You can also try out their thalis that will fill your stomach. Indian and Chinese cuisines are available as well. A meal at Anju Coco is highly recommended. They now also have a branch in Port Blair. 

#5 Red Snapper

Address: The Wild Orchid Resort, Beach No. 5


Justifying its name, Red Snapper serves a killer lobster and is one of the most famous seafood fine-dining restaurants in Havelock. Red Snapper stands out from other restaurants because of its unique presentation. Not only is the interior design a visual treat, but it also exhibits its fresh seafood on ice in a podium in the middle so you can choose what you want to eat! The spacious seating and cool breeze allows you to relax and perhaps even enjoy a drink from the attached bar. Be sure to head to Red Snapper for a lavish dining experience.

#6 Kathmandu

Address: SH5, Govind Nagar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744211

If you ever find yourself wondering why everyone’s talking about the Capital of Nepal in Havelock, its probably just the restaurant. Kathmandu has made a name for itself over the years and has received lots of praise for their pancakes, seafood and paratha rolls. Run by a simple family from Nepal, the head chef worked in goa and cooked dishes of all types and for different types of tourists. He landed in Havelock with a friend and set up this place to provide tasty and affordable meals, just like his place in Goa. 

This is a place you must visit if you are craving great food and nothing else.

#7 Blackbeard’s Bistro

Address: Emerald Gecko, Beach 5


This restaurant is set facing the sea on the lovely beach inside Emerald Gecko resort. Lined with wooden tables and comfortable sofa benches, this place is perfect to read a book or just relax while waiting for your meal. Enjoy the aura of the place under the roof made of coconut fiber and wood. This restaurant serves a variety of fresh seafood and continental dish options. The food here may come in small portions but it is very tasty. Try out their regular pizza and pasta options and we highly recommend you try their homemade chocolate fudge!

#8 Shakahaar

Address: Beach no 3


Shakahaar, as its name says, is a vegetarian restaurant that prepares some of the best food you’ll find. Before this restaurant came up, pure vegetarians had few hotel options in Havelock. With decently set interiors and meticulously assembled cutlery, Shakahaar has made its way into this list. Try some of it’s delicious Paneer dishes or its thalis that are very cost-efficient and match their values. This place has food that’ll satisfy your hunger in any way possible, so don’t stop yourself from entering!

#9 Shivaay Restaurant

Address: Govind Nagar Market

Shivaay is a local favourite for its reasonable and tasty meals. Try the south Indian dishes (dosa, idli and vada) for starters. The egg paratha with fish curry is also quite famous. Located right at the market, visit this place for a wholesome meal, served with a smile.

#10 Fruit chaats and Panipuri near the beaches 

Location: Kala Pathar, Radhanagar, Elephanta Beach 


We often get asked, what is the local cuisine of Andaman. While dishes made or inspired by the local tribes would come first, the street food would be a close second. And Havelock is a great place to try them. Fruit Chaats, Panipuri, jhaal muri, chatpati, masala lemonade are few dishes you must try. You will find these stalls on Kalapathar, Radhanagar, and Elephanta beaches ready to serve you refreshments.

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