8 Ideas for a Kid-friendly Andaman Holiday

Written By Go2andaman Editorial Team on January 23, 2021 Holiday Ideas

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8 Ideas for a Kid-friendly Andaman Holiday

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There can be no better way to introduce your children to fun, outdoor activities and travel than a trip to the Andaman Islands. There are plenty of spots where children can run and swim on the beach or wonder at exotic marine life, build sand castles, try their hand at fishing, climb trees as well as learn to tie hammocks on their trunks.

Here is a list of all the activities you can encourage them to try out on their Andaman holiday.

8 Kid-friendly Ideas

1. Jet Skis, Banana Boat Rides and Sofa Rides

The Water Sports Complex in Marina Park is the single best spot to take children in Port Blair. Apart from the exciting rides on offer, children can also enjoy the floats and games just next to the sea-view restaurant.

Water sports are also available on Havelock’s Elephant beach and on Jolly Buoy and North Bay Islands.

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2. Underwater Fun

An under-sea experience like diving or sea walking is sure to open up the curious minds of little children like no other. Your children are definitely going to marvel about the abundant and colorful fish and coral long after the trip has ended.

Both Havelock Island as well as Neil Island are great diving and snorkeling spots.

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3. Fishing Trips

Fishing is a far more relaxed activity, unlike diving or snorkeling. You can spend a few hours or an entire day on a fishing trip, depending on your interest and time. Fishing is an activity that the parents would enjoy as well and can be a great experience to spend fun family time.

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4. Beach Day

Spending lazy afternoons on the beach and in the blue waters is definitely going to be a well-appreciated activity. Corbyn’s Cove in Port Blair, Chidiya Tapu Beach and Radhanagar Beach on Havelock are all perfect for splashing around with children as well as for a good swim.

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5. Lessons in History

A trip to the infamous Cellular Jail in Port Blair or a visit to Viper Island and Ross Island can teach children more history than you would think possible. A trip to the Chatham saw mill will prove to be interesting too. We specially recommended the Light and Sound show at the Cellular Jail as well as the new light and sound show in Ross Island.

6. Kayaking

While underwater activities are plenty, we would recommend introducing your child to kayaking. A mangrove kayak tour would keep children engaged and at the same time, it is not a very tedious activity. You can also combine your kayaking tour with a snorkeling trip and make it a fun, afternoon activity.

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7. Turtle Nesting

Between the months of December and March, thousands of turtles flock to the beaches in North Andaman’s Diglipur town for the nesting season. It is a sight to behold and is a great idea to let your children experience this beautiful part of nature. Children will absolutely love watching baby turtles scurrying back into the sea or even help pick them up and leave them into the water.

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8. Museums and Parks

Museums are an excellent way to get children interested to learn, and the varied museums of Andaman will ensure your children will learn and stay delighted at the same time.

The marine museum has a skeleton of a blue whale, for example, among other several species of fish and coral types. There is also the anthropology museum and Samudrika, the naval museum among others.

Also, the children’s traffic park is a big hit – bicycles and tricycles are available for children to ride around in the park that is built to replicate a busy junction while can learn traffic rules and play with other children.

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