5 Best Places to Visit in Neil Island

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Things To DoNeil Island

5 Best Places to Visit in Neil Island

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Recently renamed as Shaheed Dweep, Neil Island is a slice of paradise set back in time. This magical world is located in South Andaman, 37 kilometres away from Port Blair. A long stretch of white coastline swathed in soft sand and swaying coconut palms, a place that you haven’t ever seen before. Neil Island is so small that you can walk lengths and breadths of the island within 2 hours.

Places to visit in Neil Island includes Ramnagar Beach, Sitapur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, Natural Bridge, Bharatpur Beach. The names of these beaches are inspired by the mythological characters of the Ramayana.

Blessed with abundant flora and fauna, Neil Island is the ideal escape from the hustle of urban life. The island echoes a rustic charm with an isolated stretch of sand teeming with azure water and diverse coral reefs. The laid back vibe, friendly locals, Bengali culture, fresh organic food and the exciting water sports instigate tourists to take some time off and enjoy an exotic vacation by the sea.

Set your foot on Neil Island and you will be transported to a wonderland away from the urban chaos. To make it easier for you, we have created a list of our favourite places to visit in Neil Island. All these attractions are exclusive and one of a kind. Scroll down and read on!

How to reach Neil Island?

Private and Government ferries operate daily that take passengers to Neil Island from Port Blair and Havelock.

You can make the bookings here

Top Beaches in Neil

1. Laxmanpur Beach

Snuggled in Laxmanpur Village (2 kilometres from the jetty), Laxmanpur Beach, also known as the sunset beach is an effortless blend of calmness and serenity. It is one of the exquisite Neil Island beaches known for its drool-worthy sights. The silken blonde beach with shallow waters and dead corals offers the perfect setting for a memorable beach holiday. Laxmanpur Beach is filled with surprises.

During low tide, tourists can witness a different side of this beach. Aquatic animals and corals will greet you with their sheer beauty. Keep an eye for the sea anemones that are ornately coloured and looks perfect for your Instagram feed.

Laxmanpur Beach has the reputation of being one of the best snorkelling points in the Andaman Islands. Not only the tranquil water is brimming with colourful aquatic species but you might also spot a friendly sea cow (dugong) feasting on the seagrass. The beach is also popular for its purple sunsets whose beauty is beyond words.

The fading sun rays painting the sky with varying hues are not only admirable but also one of the highlights of your Neil Island trip. There are numerous shell shops and tea stalls on the beach where people can be found shopping or sipping a hot cup of tea while relishing the tranquil sea. From Lakshmanpur Beach you can get spot Havelock Island.

2. Ramnagar Beach

Though many resorts dot its shoreline, Ramnagar Beach is one of the less-visited places in Neil Island. Stretching over the village of the same name, Ramnagar Beach or Beach 3 is known for its sharp corals. The region is carpeted with golden sand that meets the blue-green sea.

The water is crystal clear and the compelling sight of the dead corals will offer immense photography opportunities. The primeval jungle in the background adds to its fascinating charm. Ramble around or chill in the sun-soaked beach while relishing the exotic views. Can’t get better than this, cant it.

This region is brimming with colourful marine creatures and tropical fish. Due to its great visibility, the beach offers snorkelling opportunities to the tourists. However, it is apt for experienced swimmers because the waves are bigger and one has to swim further to get a glimpse of the live corals.

Ramnagar Beach is usually secluded and perfect for tourists seeking solitude or intimate moments with their loved ones. You can also immerse in sweeping sunset views amidst the scenic locales and calm surrounding.

3. Sitapur Beach

Located at the tip of the island, Sitapur Beach or Beach 5 is one of a kind. It is a jewel in the list of Neil Island beaches. Sitapur Beach is popularly known as the ‘sunrise beach’ because every morning, it rewards visitors with jaw-dropping sunrise views.

This beach has earned accolades for its shimmering water, silvery sand and limestone formations that will prompt you to go for a swim.

Sitapur Beach is the ideal place to relish nature’s quietness amidst the shady palms and striking blue sea. The sound of waves splashing against the larger rocks is music to the ears and the setting is grand, to say the least.

Sip on a piping hot cup of tea from the nearby vendor and sink in the intimidating sight. Everything is therapeutic to the mind and soul. Hence, Sitapur Beach is one of the notable places to visit in Neil Island.

4. Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge is one of the best-kept secrets in Neil Island. The rocky formation stands on Laxmanpur Beach and frequented by visitors during low tide. It is commonly known as the Howrah Bridge, as named by the Bengali community living in that area.

Natural Bridge is not just a simple structure but a spectacle to watch. Thus, it often tops the list of the attractions in Neil Island.

To reach the Natural Bridge, tourists have to climb up a path and walk through a jagged terrain packed with dead corals. Hence, it is advised

5. Bharatpur Beach

Fancy getting to a beach painted in varying shades of blue and white? No worries, Bharatpur Beach will make your dream come true. It is often regarded as the best beach and one of the magnificent places to visit in Neil Island. Half a kilometre away from the main jetty, Bharatpur Beach has earned praises for its postcard-perfect views and thrilling water sports.

The shallow water and the gentle waves caressing the shore make the beach ideal for a family holiday. The fluffy cotton clouds enveloping the blue sky contrasting the greenery is rejuvenating to the eyes and mind.

Bharatpur Beach expose tourists to the raw beauty of the Andaman Islands. From scuba diving, snorkelling to glass-bottom boat rides, pick one or all and let the process unfold before you. The shallow water is filled with countless multi-coloured fish and growing corals that redefines charm. Bharatpur Beach is a visual delight and will compel you to be poetic in your way. It is one such beach that should be on your bucket list!

Kindly note, all the rates are fixed by the boat association and the water activities are managed by different private companies.

Top Things to do in Neil Island

1. 3 Point Tour

Three unmissable attractions should be on the bucket-list of every visitor coming to Neil Island. This includes the Natural Bridge, Bharatpur Beach and the Laxmanpur Beach. The Natural Bridge is a sight to behold. Bharatpur Beach is popular for exciting water activities. And Laxmanpur Beach boasts of the most beautiful sunsets in Neil Island.

2. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving arrived in Neil Island a few years ago, is a loved sport especially by those who love some quiet diving experience away from the Havelock hustle. The tropical sea teeming with marine life will give you deep-sea diving experience like never before. The activity is safe and conducted under the guidance of experts. If you have a passion for diving, you can also become a certified diver.

3. Snorkelling

If you are a first-timer not willing to take part in scuba diving, snorkelling is what you should go for. The majestic sight of the live corals and countless colourful fish has a unique way of making connections that cannot be expressed in words. Bharatpur Beach is regarded as the best spot to try this activity at Neil Island particularly for beginners and non-swimmers.

Every participant is provided with a lifejacket and the activity is performed under the guidance of an expert diver. If you are an experienced snorkeler, both Bharatpur and Lakshmanpur Beach are your ideal retreat. Indian Scuba Explorers is a popular dive centre and a pioneer in diving in Neil. They also offer supervised snorkelling trips based on your skillset.

Apart from scuba diving and snorkelling, there are other fun water sports that you can take part in. Indulge in glass-floored boat rides if you are not comfortable going underwater. Another thrilling sport is jet skiing, that will give you an adrenaline rush like never before. These activities are also conducted in Bharatpur Beach between 9 AM and 4 PM.

No prior booking is required.

4. Cycling

Neil Island is filled with scenic vistas and nothing can beat the thrill of riding a bicycle and exploring every nook of the island. Apart from bicycles, motorbikes and two-wheelers are also available on rent.

Riding through the paddy fields, traditional houses and beachside palms is something worth remembering after the trip.

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