11 Best Water Sports in Andaman

Written By Aditya Raj on August 18, 2021 Things To DoWater SportsAdventure SportsScuba Diving

Things To DoWater SportsAdventure SportsScuba Diving

11 Best Water Sports in Andaman

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Andaman being an island has no dearth of water activities. From banana boat rides to kayaking, there is so much the islands have to offer! Not a swimmer? Don’t worry you can still enjoy water sports here without a hiccup.

Here are the top 11 water sports you must try in Andaman:

11 Best Water Sports in Andaman

1. Scuba Diving

Every kid has a dream of swimming along with fishes, exploring the underwater world and meeting mermaids. Except for mermaids, Andaman can fulfill this childhood dream! Scuba diving in Andaman is the best way to experience the underwater world and get close to marine life. You can do a one time dive (DSD) for one hour or a certified diving course.

Where to try: You can enjoy scuba diving in HavelockNeil and Chidiya Tapu Beach (Port Blair).

Best For: 10 years and above. People with do not swim, can also enjoy the experience since they will be guided by experienced instructors.

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2. Game Fishing

Game fishing will give you a perfect sea adventure and lots of great memories and pictures! Out in the sea, feeling the waves beneath your boat waiting for your bait to lure some big fishes, game fishing is a sport that aims to catch some big fish and then release them back into the sea. If you want to learn something new and enjoy a day out on a speed boat, give this a try!

Where to try: You can book your game fishing trips in Port Blair and Havelock.

Best For: People looking to spend an adventurous day in the sea and those who like/want to learn fishing.

Pro Tips: You may get sea sick. Speak to your centre about this. Use sunscreen, wear comfortable clothing and carry sun protection/hat/cap.

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3. Kayaking

Kayaking is an activity that is slowly gaining popularity in Andaman. Paddling your kayak amidst the mangroves, listening to the sound of water and soaking in the peaceful surroundings, is an experience like none other.  You can opt for either a day kayaking trip or a night kayaking one, the latter being most popular as one can see the water glowing with bio-luminescent plankton. Never sat in a boat? no problem, you will have a small training session before you go rowing away in the backwaters of Havelock. Kayaking in Havelock is a 2-hour peaceful journey amidst the green mangroves.  

Where to Try: Havelock Island.

Best For: People looking for a peaceful sea experience.

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4. SeaKart

Seakarts are unique 3 seater water crafts that resemble a go kart, made for high speed action and the whole and sole motive of the Seakart is to give you the experience of self-driving your own go kart on water. Seakart was recently brought to Andamans and is the first & only of its kind in India. The activity of self-driving your Seakart is done under the supervision of a licensed instructor seated beside you. The Seakarts can reach 70 kmph! At this speed, the waves of the sea act like launching ramps for the Seakart where the boat launches itself on every wave. There’s no better way to get ‘fast and furious’ on the sea.

Where to try: Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Port Blair.

Best for: Thrill & adventure seekers. Age 18-60 are eligible for self-driving. Age 6-17 are eligible for enjoying as a joy ride with a parent/legal guardian.
No swimming skills/driving experience required. A thorough safety briefing precedes the activity.

Pro tip: Wear your sunscreen, sunglasses and wear swim wear/sea worthy clothes.

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5. Snorkelling

Snorkeling in crystal clear waters of Andaman and experiencing the colorful wonders of the sea is pure bliss. Snorkeling is the best way to dive into the rich reefs of the islands and experience them up close. Swimming is not an issue here because the professional snorkeling experts will help you out for a perfect snorkel experience. Snorkeling for the first time feels like peeking into the water world through a small window.

Where to try: Elephant Beach, Havelock.

Best For: Age 10 and above.

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6. Sea Walking

Underwater Sea Walk is a magical experience where you can enjoy walking on the seafloor and enjoy the underwater beauty. You will be given a sea walk helmet which you can wear to enjoy the reef. A professional instructor will give you a brief training session and then you are all set to go.

Where to try: Elephant Beach, Havelock.

Best For: Age 10 and above.

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7. Dinner Cruise

Not exactly a water sports but we thought it was worth a mention. Cruising around the beautifully lit harbor of Port Blair and having dinner with your family or your partner is one of the best ways to end a day here. TSG Bella Bay offers cruise dinners, the ship slowly glides across the harbors of the Port Blair city and serves you with delicacies. The boat leaves from the Jungli ghat jetty which is in the heart of the city. While on the cruise you can enjoy the local Nicobari music and the DJ. Cruising around the beautifully lit harbor of Port Blair and having dinner with your family or your partner is one of the best ways to end a day here.

Where to try: Port Blair, TSG BELLA BAY.

Best For: Couplesand family dinners.

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8. Parasailing

Flying 100s of feet above the sea like a kite dragged by a speed boat is the most thrilling experience you can have in Andaman. It’s a proper mix of airborne and water-based activities. Imagine slowly lifting off the boat with your parachute tied to your back and then it is just you in the sky enjoying the adrenaline rush going through you. It is pure fun pure excitement that you can enjoy in Port Blair and Havelock.

Where to Try: Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex, Carbines CoveElephant Beach.

Best For: Age 6 and above.

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9. Free Diving

Take a dive into the blue and explore the water world by controlling your mind and body. Free diving is all about mind and body control where you hold your breath and dive into the sea with no breathing apparatus. It’s an adventure sport where you can really test your limits. You will be given training before you go diving by trained professionals.

Where to try- Havelock.

Best For- Age 10 and above.

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10. Inter Tidal Walks

As the tide recedes back. The rocky shores of some beaches reveal the intertidal zone where you can explore a totally new ecosystem. The rocky beaches create small pools that still hold back the marine life in it. Walking down an intertidal zone and exploring the marine life held back in pools is a fun thing to do as you can get really close to the marine life in their own habitat. You can find crabs, mud skippers, fishes, and even starfish if you are lucky.

Where to try- Havelock

Best For- It’s a fun activity for every age group.

Pro tips- Make sure to wear footwear with proper treads as the rocks can get really slippery.

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11. Jet Ski and Banana Boat Rides

Banana boat? Well, it’s a long narrow boat on which you sit, and then the boat is towed at high speed by a speed boat. Till the speed boat goes straight it’s fun but as soon as the speedboat starts making those quick turns the fun just quadruples. And you don’t have to worry about swimming as you will be given life jackets so even if you lose the grip don’t worry about it because it’s the part of the ride.
Jet Ski as we know is like a water-scooter. Jet Ski rides are perfect if you want to feel the wind in your hair and have a thrilling time on the sea!

Where to try- Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex.

Best For- for 10yrs and above.

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Andaman has every kind of water sports up its sleeve, there’s something for everyone. The water sports in Andaman gives you the experience of what actually is a water adventure. Forget your wave pools, forget your roller coasters, forget your large mechanical rides because here you can enjoy everything with nature and connect with it.

Now, we understand some of you might have friends and family who are not the biggest fans of water sports. Andaman has something for them too! Check this blog out to know more: Top 8 ‘Non-Water’ Activities in Andaman

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Aditya Raj

Aditya was born in Rangat, Middle Andaman. He has traveled all over the Andaman and Nicobar islands, lived with Nicobaris and been to Baratang over a dozen times. He is a 3rd generation resident of the islands.