The 10 Best Restaurants in Port Blair (2024 Edition)

Written By Go2andaman Editorial Team on January 23, 2021 Food RecommendationsPort Blair

Food RecommendationsPort Blair

The 10 Best Restaurants in Port Blair (2024 Edition)

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There are a lot of places where you can sit down and have a good bite, but there are few in which the ambiance, the service as well as location all blend in for the perfect time. These are the restaurants that we feel are among the best that Port Blair has to offer.

List of 10 Best Restaurants in Port Blair

1. Amaya Restaurant

Location: Marine Hill, Hotel Seashell

Recommended: Seafood Platters, Candle lit Dinners

Amaya is an in-house, Sea-facing, rooftop bar at Hotel SeaShell and has one of the most beautiful views in Andaman. Amaya has received tons of positive reviews and is especially famous for its live music, bar (try the Flaming Shooters and the food (the chef’s special Amaya Seafood Platter is recommended).

Amaya itself has a very romantic setting which makes it perfect for date night, and the sunset scenes here are very satisfying. Though a little on the expensive side, visit Amaya post sunset for great vibes and a fun night.

2. Excel Restaurant

Location: Lalaji Bay View Hotel, R.P. Road, Dignabad, Port Blair

Recommended: Rooftop Dining, Grilled Seafood

Excel Restaurant is another rooftop dining place that is worthy of a mention. The restaurant is very well designed and has that authentic beach party vibe to it. The crowd here is mostly international and the service is very friendly and helpful so you can engage in interesting conversations with other tourists and travelers.

A few specialties to try out in this restaurant are their grilled seafood, and the banana pancakes. They also offer chilled beer, coffee, fresh juices, and lassis. Paid wifi is available on request. This place is highly recommended for backpackers and solo travelers. The vibe of the restaurant, friendliness of the staff and amazing food makes it one of our choices for best restaurants in Port Blair.

3. Lighthouse restaurant

Location: Rajiv Gandhi Nagar

Recommended: Seafood

Lighthouse and New Lighthouse? They do sound similar. That’s probably because they are owned by brothers! Always bustling and full of life, these two restaurants are the most famous in Port Blair for their seafood and chilled beer in a casual setting. The unique thing about this restaurant is that you can handpick whatever you want cooking and all the options are a fresh catch!

The specialties here are fish, crab, and lobsters which go perfectly with a side of chilled beer. You can choose to enjoy your food sitting in the garden or the first-floor balcony. However, if you’re a vegetarian, you may want to look elsewhere for your food because these restaurants offer little in their menu for vegetarians.

4. Annapurna

Location: Aberdeen Bazaar, DAG Colony

Tour guides and travel agents have grown to love Annapurna over the years. Known for its delicious food, Annapurna specializes in South Indian cuisine. Even though the food may be a bit expensive, it compensates for the quality of food offered. Though it’s a multi cuisine restaurant, we recommend you try the south indian food here.

5. Food trucks

Location: Marina Park

Marina Park is a great place to catch the sunset. Renovated recently, it’s the ideal place for kids and for family enjoyment. There are a lot of snacks available on Food trucks, namely Happy Belly, which serve delicious food and is quite popular among tourists. After the visit to Marina Park is completed, lots of tourists visit these food trucks for light snacks and drinks that are very tasty.

6. Icy Spicy

Location: Island Arcade, Junglighat

If you vegetarians are feeling left out so far on this list, this place has come to your rescue! Icy Spicy is undoubtedly the best vegetarian restaurant in Andaman. It boasts a wide variety of choices in its North Indian food, Chinese, freshly made pizzas, pasta, and even mocktails! What started as a family business has now blossomed into a well-established restaurant.

After, its renovation, Icy Spicy looks like it’s had a glow up, and is a visual delight with the pleasant lighting and furniture. Icy Spicy has two floors, one for lip-smacking chaats and sweets that the people love and the other dedicated for those in search of authentic vegetarian food. Although it may prove trouble getting through the crowded area that the restaurant is located in, it is definitely worth the search.

7. Nico Bar at Fortune Resort

Location: Fortune Resort, Bay Island, Port Blair

The nightlife scene at Nico-Bar is something else. Nico Bar offers a selection of spirits, wines, and beer, and of course, their fruity concoctions served in coconut shells- courtesy of the barman.

The view from this place is amazing, overlooking the Bay of Bengal. One can even spot the lighthouse on North Bay Island that appears on the Rs 20 note here. The entire design of the place reflects Nicobarese culture at its finest and an evening drink here will always suit your fancy. They only serve snacks.

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8. Milky Way

Location: Haddo, Port Blair

This café serves pizza, pasta, sizzlers, burgers, and even ice cream! Milky Way is a locals’ favorite and is a great place to stop for a nice snack but the interiors are average at best. Though it may look small, the food offered is life-sized and is definitely worth the time spent here. The menu caters to every hunger, so it’s perfect for a food stop.

9. Love Garden at Hotel Shompen

Location: Middle Point, Opposite Bengali Club

Love Garden has a soothing ambiance and that’s just the start of it. Receiving a lot of positive reviews, Love Garden truly makes its guests fall in love with it and its menu which has a vast list of food you can order.

It’s especially famous for its crab selection that leaves all hunger satisfied. The laid back vibe of this place makes it a comfortable place to just enjoy your meal and relax. Do visit it if possible during your stay here.

10. Street Food

Location: Aberdeen Jetty

Highly influenced by Kolkata, West Bengal, the street food in Port Blair consists of Pani puri/ Puchkas that are sold by vendors at INR 1 apiece

The best place to try street food would be opposite the Aberdeen Jetty. Every evening after 6 PM, you can find a variety of food such as burgers, noodles, pav-bhaji and more being sold. If you have a sensitive stomach don’t worry, you can try the sweet and chaat shop at Icy Spicyas mentioned above.

You can find everything from Puchkas to momos and samosas to jalebis here although they may be a bit costlier than the vendors. They do come with the benefit of quality and hygiene, however.

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