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Night Kayaking at Port Blair

by Tanaz Kayak Tours

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Night Kayaking at Port Blair

Its a no moon night and you see the waves striking a bright blue colour. Yes, you’re right, its bioluminescence. Night Kayaking in Port Blair offers this experience and if you’re in Andamans during the new moon week, Night Kayaking is a great idea. 

Tanaz Noble, also known as the Queen of Kayaking is called so because of obvious reasons! She is the first Indian kayaker to have successfully kayaked 70 nautical miles of open seas in just 36 hours. Not only this, in  2015, she embarked on a kayaking journey, covering a distance of 100 kilometers in just 11 hours making her way through different islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In hope to expose kayaking to more and more people, “Tanaz and Shiraz Kayakwala” undertake kayaking expeditions in Port Blair. 

Reason’s to Book this Activity

  • Witness the unearthly natural pheomena of bioluminescence as tiny organisms in the water emit blue light, creating glowing trails and patterns around your kayak.
  • Paddle under the starlit sky and witness the celestial beauty above, away from the city lights, providing a peaceful atmosphere for stargazing.
  • Hop on an adventurous night-time journey as you navigate through the darkness, adding an element of thrill and excitement to your kayaking experience.
  • Spot marine creatures such as bioluminescent plankton, crabs, and other marine life that come alive under the cover of darkness, offering unique opportunities for wildlife observation.

Full Schedule

Meet at the Starting Point
On the day of the activity, you should present at kayaking starting point where you will meet your guide and kayaks.
Getting ready
You will get to choose between a single- or double-person kayak.
The guide will fix the route as per availability and brief you on how to use the kayaks, oars, life jackets etc. You will get all the details of the route & plan for the tour.
A small training
You will sit in your kayaks & go in the open sea before reaching the dense mangroves. The guide and your group will be with you.
Experience Night Kayaking
Experience the night kayaking with bioluminescent wonders, celestial stargazing, and thrilling adventures for 3 hours including training.
Memorable Ending
Your unforgettable kayaking tour will end at the same point it started from.

Good to Know

Basic Information

  •  Night kayaking occurs only during certain times of the month, typically around the no-moon day and new moon phase.
  • Bioluminescence is a natural phenomena, and is unpredictable.
  • It is recommended to bring along a change of clothes, a small towel, waterproof sandals, and a waterproof case for your phone.
  • Kayaking is a quick and easy skill to pick up, typically taught within a 10-minute lesson.
  • You’ll be provided with life jackets, eliminating the need for swimming skills during your kayaking experience.
  • The minimum age requirement for night kayaking is 7 years old and above, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for participants of varying ages.
  • Kayaking is not recommended for individuals with a fear of water, those who are physically disabled, have respiratory illnesses, or chronic lower-back issues.

What is Included

  • Certified Instructor
  • Premium Kayak
  • Rowing Oars
  • Life Jacket
  • Water Bottle

What is Excluded

  • Food & Beverages
  • Pick up & Drop

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation upto 24 hours before the starting time of the activity.
  • Free rescheduling upto 24 hours before the starting time of the activity.


  • How tiring is kayaking?

    Kayaking is similar to trekking. We keep moving at a constant pace and take breaks from time to time. Moving in water is more efficient than land. To cover the same distance, kayaking takes less energy than trekking. It is an excellent workout for the upper body.

  • I don’t know swimming, can I go for Kayaking?

    Absolutely, you will be provided a life jacket while kayaking. In the past, many participants who didn’t know how to swim have kayaked with us & enjoyed it thoroughly!

  • Is Kayaking in the Andamans safe?

    Kayaking is perfectly safe if done with reputed vendors who have the experience and a deep understanding of the sea. AT GO2ANDAMAN, we only work with operators who have the right credentials & certifications. We test out the experience ourselves before deciding on who we’ll work with.

  • What is Kayaking?
    • Kayaking is a water-sport that involves moving on water with a small boat-like structure with the help of a double-sided paddle or oar. There are single- and double-seater kayaks.

  • What should you carry with you while kayaking?
    • Change of clothes
    • Swimwear
    • Small Towel
    • Sunscreen (more than SPF 35)
    • Waterproof Case for your phone
  • What to wear while Kayaking in the Andamans?

    Wear comfortable clothes – t-shirts, shorts and track pants are some of the comfortable options.  If possible, wear a full sleeve t-shirt to avoid sunburns.
    Avoid jeans or cotton t-shirts as these tend to stay wet for long. Choose quick-dry clothes instead.
    For footwear, choose flip-flops, water sandals or paddling shoes. Anything that is waterproof and light will work.

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