Enjoy Havelock on a Budget

Like in all places, it is possible to live in Havelock by cutting a few corners and still having experienced the best the island has to offer. Here are a few tips on cutting down on expenses.

1. Staying at Havelock:

Green Imperial Resort - Havelock
Basic but clean rooms at green imperial start at Rs 700/night.

Stay on the island is priced at a wide spectrum. Some resorts have cheaper accommodation exclusively for divers. These are double occupancy huts with shared facilities. Non-divers can find a range of budget accommodations ranging between INR500/night – INR1500/night.

2. Travelling:

Cycles to get around in Andaman Islands
Cycles have been rented to get around in Havelock

Using the public transport (bus) or sharing jeeps that shuttle between villages on the island is most economic. Private transport service is highly priced on the island.

There are bicycles and two-wheelers available on rent around most places. Rentals for bicycles range between INR 100/day – INR 150/day and two-wheelers between INR 300/day – INR 600/day depending upon the model of the bike chosen.

3. Eating:


Food on Havelock is available across range. A wide variety of food is available at the market place in village There are small eateries built as extensions to houses providing home food at a range of INR 120 – 150/person/meal. One can find these joints flanking the main streets of Havelock, at the market place and at the jetty.

In the off-season, between June and September most eateries stay closed.

4. Activities:


Most recreational activities on an island are associated with the sea. Snorkel kits, body boards are available on rent at the market and at dive shops. There are dive centers that carry out try dives at low rates for those on a budget holiday. Kayaking, game fishing and SCUBA diving are other activities that can be done if one has the means.

5. Evening Recreation:


Early to bed and early to rise is practiced on the islands. Sun sets and rises earlier here than on mainland India. Watching the sun set from Radhanagar beach is time well spent. Throwing the Frisbee around, playing volleyball, swimming, body boarding are a few activities that one can do on the beaches of Havelock.The island’s market place is worth visiting once the sun has set. The market buzz with fruit and vegetable vendors and others come together for trade and socialize by engaging themselves in a game of cards or carom.

There are shops in the market that often sell Bengali and other Indian snacks/ street food that go down well with a cup of garama garam chai (steaming hot tea).Bengalis are known for their love for sweets. The local rasgullas, chumchums, gulab jamuns are all worth trying.

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