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Getting Around in Baratang

Getting around Baratang is tough, can be pricey or at least time consuming. There are plenty of express busses that pass through Baratang on their way up north but unfortunately they stop only at Nilambur jetty and nowhere in between. The distances between each attractions and accommodation are large and it is not advisable to walk in the pressing heat.

Thus there are three ways to get around.
  • Private Jeeps which cost about 100 per person or 400 per vehicle to a place like Mud Volcano from the centre of the town.
  • Government bus that can take you to the mud volcano attraction, as well as to the beautiful Baludera beach. Do ask for exact timings, as there are only few rides per day. Also take note of the drivers number in case you get lost.
  • Private cars are pricey but the most convenient. They drive you from Port Blair, around Baratang and back. It costs you about – per day.

There are no scooter or bike rentals possible and there are no auto rickshaws available on the island.

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