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About Limestone Caves in Baratang Island

The Limestone cave formations at Nayadera and the vast mangrove-covered creeks are the main attractions for tourists in Baratang. The island is known for limestones, which deposit themselves either above the soil or under the ground forming interesting formations and layers. You can easily get a boat at the Nilambur jetty, which will take you to the famous caves. On the way, you can admire scenic coastline covered with mangrove forests and you even pass through mangrove-covered canals making the ride more exciting.

Once you reach the wooden jetty at Nayadera you will have to walk down for about 1.2kms to view this beauty of nature. The walls of caves here are covered with massive formations dangling from the ceiling like chandeliers. The water is constantly dripping from the ceiling making the stalactites and stalagmites shine and glow. The sad part of this site is that people visiting the caves are destroying these wonders of nature by littering and signing names on the ancient formations.

How to Reach Limestone Caves in Baratang?

The limestone caves are a 12km boat ride and 2km trek away from the Baratang Jetty.

Once you reach Baratang Island, you must book a ticket and board a fibre motorboat. Sometimes there is a queue and you will have to wait for your turn.
This boat usually accommodates 6-8 people subject to its size.

The ride should take about 25 minutes in total and the views are breathtaking. You shall pass through wide and narrow pathways with mangroves on each side. Sometimes the waterway is so thin, you will have to crouch so the trees don’t scratch you. The whole journey is very adventurous.

The boat will be later parked near a wooden bridge. This bridge leads to a 2km jungle trek, at the end of which lies the limestone caves. The boatman is generally your tour guide too and you shall return on the same boat that you went on.

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