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Andaman, being an island, is accessible in only two ways – By air or by sea.

Flights are certainly faster, more comfortable and therefore the preferred option. Ships, although seem cheaper, are general passenger ships and are more troublesome than they initially seem. Thy offer no luxuries whatsoever and take about 3-4 days to reach Port Blair. Add to this common delays (of upto 24 hours) and very non-flexible schedules, the traveller with a time crunch is better off saving themselves the hassle.

Do note that we recommend the ship experience on only one condition – for the experience of a voyage by sea for three-four full days alone, especially if you are a small group friends/family seeking an unusual adventure. The booking process is also a tedious one, bookings can only be made from Calcutta, Chennai or Visakhapatnam. Online bookings not available.

To read our traveller’s experience of being on the ship from Calcutta to Port Blair, go here.

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