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Ferry Services In Andaman

Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island are beautiful, strikingly different island-towns separated by water and not connected by roads. This makes ferry services the only way to traverse amongst these. This distance can be covered by the private ferry or the government ferry. 

We suggest that you complete the Port Blair- Havelock- Neil Island- Port Blair circuit to make the best out of your trip! Andaman Ferry services are fast, comfortable and economical. No matter which private ferry service provider, Go2Andaman is THE platform you need for all your ferry tie-ups. 

Types of Ferry Services in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  1. Private Ferry Services 
  2. Government Ferry Services

Andaman Private Ferry Services

Private ferries run on time, are clean and well organized with ferry staff to assist you at all points. Most importantly, getting booking availability with private ferries is a lot easier than getting bookings for government ferries. They cost a little more but considering aforementioned points, they are worth the price. On our booking page, you can compare fares & timings for all ferries and book tickets for any of the ferries. We’re a one- stop shop for all your ferry needs. 

4 Private Ferry Operators operating in the Andamans


Initiated in 2009, Makruzz is the passenger servicing arm of MAK Logistics. Been in service for 15 years now, Makruzz makes the oldest private ferry in the Andamans. The primary intent behind this pioneering initiative was to improve the accessibility to tourist worthy destinations like Havelock and Neil. Makruzz has two decks and four categories of seats: Premium, Premium +, Deluxe, and Royal. Premium and Premium + seats are available on the lower deck with the Premium + seats having a window view. The upper deck accommodates the Deluxe and Royal seats with the royal class having eight pushback seats in a private cabin.

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Nautika (Previously, Sealink)

NAUTIKA has been one of the reputed private ferries since 2022. New and fast, with two completely air-conditioned decks she accommodates 285 passengers in comfort and style. Nautika ferry is at par with international speed standards of 30 knots churning forth from her stern. NAUTIKA ferry is furnished with twin upper and lower decks, further classed into Royal and Luxury. It also has comfortable seating, decent interiors and provides entertainment facilities like live music and dance for the passengers.

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Green Ocean

The only private ferry to offer an open deck, Green Ocean Cruise has 2 vessels. Green Ocean 1 offers seating and a guest movement area, for guests to be able to get some fresh air. Green Ocean 2 is a fully air-conditioned ferry with no open deck area. Green Ocean 1 has a total of 316 seats divided into 3 categories namely Deluxe, Luxury, and Royal. It also has an open-air cafeteria and an in-built music entertainment system.

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ITT Majestic

 Focused on comfortable, hassle- free and luxurious customer services, ITT Majestic is a high-speed, fully air-conditioned catamaran ferry. ITT Majestic has 200 seats divided into two categories: Silver and Majesty. The silver category is a little crowded but offers a good view of the sea- from both the front and the side. Majestic category on the other hand, has an extra legroom, is more premium and offers refreshments onboard.

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Onboard Services in Private Ferry

  1. Baggage- You can take as much baggage as you like for free without making a reservation. Baggage items include briefcases, laptops, rucksacks, trolley bags or suitcases. If you have anything you have a doubt about, it’s a good idea to reach out.  The baggage is checked in before you head to your seats.
  2. Food and Beverages– Private ferries offer an extensive menu and a wide variety of vegetarian, and non-vegetarian dishes. The upgraded seat plans offer complimentary food and beverages.
  3. Entertainment- Live music and dance can level up the whole experience, right? The ferries make sure so add to your once in a lifetime experience.
  4. Travel with children- Toddlers under the age of 1 and 2 years travel for free and don’t need a ticket. The ferries are family friendly and provide any help required for the kids.
  5. Special Assistance- Be it booking tickets or being on board, the staff pays extra care to any needs of the passengers. They assist you with booking, checking-in, boarding, and disembarking. Also, staff happily answer any questions or assist with any queries to make your journey easier.
  6. Essential facilities– The private ferries provide clean and hygienic washrooms. Additionally, in case of passengers getting sea sick, they also provide medical assistance.

Andaman Government Ferry Services

Government ferries in Andaman are operated by the Directorate of Shipping Services (DSS). The department primarily operates for the convenience of local islanders. Since this is the only way of transportation for the islanders, tickets are highly subsidized for them. Residents also have a decent local knowledge which makes using government ferries convenient for them. 

Though slightly cheaper in comparison to the private ferries, government Ferry booking is not available on our platform as we think that from a tourist’s point of view, it’s not the most feasible way. However they’re available everyday and depart from Phoenix Bay Jetty.

Is Private ferry in Andamans better than Government ferry in Andamans?

As mentioned earlier, we as localities feel that for a more relaxed and hassle-free holiday experience, it’s advisable to opt for private ferries which primarily work for the travellers.The government ones are designed mainly for local transportation and may not be the ideal choice for tourists. Go2Andaman does not facilitate bookings for government ferry tickets. If you plan to use them, tickets can be purchased at the offline counters or at their office. Keep in mind that ticket queues tend to form early in the morning, and if you find yourself at the back of the line, there’s a chance that seats may be occupied by the time your turn arrives. Moreover, having only limited seats, the tickets on government ferries are booked months in advance, sometimes the waiting is 4-6 months.

How to book ferry tickets in Andamans?

We at GO2Andaman have simplified the ferry booking process to just three steps! 


Search– Compare all the ferry operators, routes and classes.  

BookBook the desired ferry suiting your dates and times.

Sail – Board your ferry, check-in your luggage and sail to paradise islands

Your Journey in a Nutshell

Finally, Why Choose Go2Andaman?

  1. We Care & It Shows: We’re working towards greatness. Booking ferries has never been this easy. Our clean and updated platform offers you the best of the best. And our team makes sure that all your needs are taken care of.
  2. We’re locals turned travelers. Our team is made of locals who know Andaman inside out and we’re also travelers which gives us unique insight into the pain points of our customers.
  3. We’re 15 Years Strong. We started out in 2008 as a passionate blog to help people navigate their vacations in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  4. We’re a Startup India recognized organization. In 2018, we were stamped by Startup India as the first and the only original private ferry booking platform in Andamans.
  5. We’re the Original Ferry Booking Platform. When we started out in 2013, we were the pioneers. Over the years we’ve set up a quality standard in the islands for ferry bookings.
  6. We have a bigger vision/Making sure your holiday is as unique as you. Booking ferries for travelers is only a part of what we do. Our goal is to make sure your holiday is as unique as you. With us, you can discover islands, plan your trip and book experiences and activities