Sea Land Tourist Home

Gandhi Bazar, Hut Bay


About the hotel

Sea Land Tourist Home is a hotel with an unfortunate history. The hotel was opened on 25th of December in 2004 and just one day after starting the tourist business the devastating tsunami reached the island, leaving nothing behind. However the concrete hotel building survived the consequences and they have slowly reconstructed the damage.

Ten years later this rusty place still offers basic rooms with a TV and attached bathrooms some even with AC and a balcony. They have a small restaurant offering typical Indian dishes and a neat garden with nice views of the sea. It is located in Hut Bay behind the shops and the main market is within walking distance.

The beach in front of the hotel is not suitable for swimming as it is too dirty. At Sea Land Tourist Home they can arrange also surfing lessons with their own instructor and they provide surfboards. They offer 1, 2 or more day packages for all eager to learn how to ride the waves. Two and four wheeler vehicles are also available for hire.

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