Sunsets to NOT MISS on Andaman Islands

Someone has rightly said ” No two sunsets ever look alike”. The same is the case with Andaman. From the lavender skies at Munda Pahar to the golden setting sun at Radhanagar, – these are the 5 best sunsets Go2andaman recommends!


Sunset at Radhanagar, Havelock:radhanagar_beach_go2andaman_havelock5If not an entire day, one must definitely visit Radhanagar beach one evening for its’ spectacular view of the sun setting. Heading to beach7 post lunch will ensure some time on the beach before sunset. If timed with low tide, one can throw Frisbees around or catch some waves, body board (rent one from a dive center) or just swim in its clear waters.Carrying a beach mat to lie on or a hammock to swing in would make the beach experience more enjoyable.


Neil’s Cove and beyond, Havelock:
If one is able to keep aside a whole day at Radhanagar Beach, one must definitely spend some time on Neil’s cove. Walking along the woods of the forests keeping the beach on the left a path that eventually join the beach at a beautiful natural cove. The beach is fringed with the shade of its’ littoral forest trees making it an excellent spot to laze around. Snorkeling around here is a curtain raiser to the unimaginative world of the underwater. Rent/ purchase a snorkel kit from the market or from a dive shop, if you do not have one of your own.At low tide, one can walk around the cove to a much-secluded spot for more of a “private” sunset.


Munda Pahad, Chidiyatapu, South Andaman:
munda_pahad_beach_go2andaman_chidyatapu2The hike from Chidya tapu beach to Munda pahad is a beautiful walk through shoreline forests with glimpses of the ocean through the thicket. The rocks beyond the lighthouse descend sharply … with water on three sides and a view of both east and west. Munda pahad is the southernmost tip of South Andaman Island and looks out across the channel to Rutland and Cinque Island. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the scenic beauty of the sun setting behind Rutland Island, waves breaking against the rocky bottom and birds! White bellied sea eagles soaring not very high, swiftlets and other forest birds fluttering around makes it a haven for nature lovers. The view of the same from the lighthouse is breathtaking as well.The view of the sunset can also be enjoyed from the beach if one is not keen on walking up the hill.


Sunset Beach, Neil Island:lakshmanpur_beach_go2andaman_neil_island41Neil Island is one of the smaller inhabited islands in Ritchie’s archipelago. The west side of the island has a glorious view of the open seas and setting sun. Here, the sandy beach drops into the coastline gradually, allowing picturesque vistas. Sunset beach is also a great spot for shutterbugs.Carrying an insect repellent would ensure enjoying the views and keeps one from attracting sandflies.


Kanaidera Beach, South Andamanwandoor_beach_go2andaman_wandoor12If one walks northward on the New Wandoor beach in South Andaman for about 20 minutes (give or take), one would find Kanaidera beach with exposed san bars at low tide. The hike along the shore lined with uprooted sea mahuas, rocky tide pools, and sea caves, the view of the sunset and sounds of birds chirping is serene. The islands of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park at the horizon make it one of the most stunning sunsets.Timing this walk with low tide is important to cross a creek that meets the sea at high tide.

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