How to go from Havelock to Port Blair?

Havelock and Port Blair are beautiful, tropical island-towns separated by water and not connected by roads. This makes ferry services the only way to go from Havelock to Port Blair. Ferry services in the Andamans are fast, comfortable and economical.

Ferry services in Andaman can be categorized into two types:

a) Government Operated Ferry
b) Private Ferry

The advance & online booking is possible only for private ferries. Tickets for govt. ferries can be bought only at the counter, two days before the journey.

There are five Private Ferry operators in Andaman (as of January 2022):


Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Go to the Online Andaman Ferry Booking page and select your route – Port Blair to Havelock, Havelock to Neil, Neil to Havelock, Neil to Port Blair or Havelock to Port Blair.
  2. Select your ferry and seat class (deluxe, premium, royal).
  3. Check out and make an advance payment of 200 INR per ticket.
  4. You will get a confirmation mail within 3-4hours.
  5. Once you get the confirmation mail you have to make the rest of the payment for the ticket in 24 hours and you’ll receive your ferry tickets!
  6. You will get exciting discount coupons and offers once you have made the final payment.

Things to note while booking your Ferries

  • If you are booking your ferry on the day of arrival in Port Blair, make sure there is a time gap of 1.5 hours to 2 hours between your flight arrival and ferry departure time. You will need to be present at the jetty at least 1 hour before the ferry departure time.
  • Book your ferries in the sequence of your travel. An example: if you are going from Port Blair to Havelock to Neil & then back to Port Blair, book your ferry for Port Blair to Havelock first, then Havelock to Neil & then Neil to Port Blair.
  • Please enter all your details correctly. If there is any change in title, name, age or gender then tickets will need to be canceled and reissued. This will incur cancellation charges as per our cancellation policy.
  • Your tickets would be issued 3-4 working hours after payment during working hours (9 am to 6 pm IST, Mon to Sat).
  • On the checkout page, please enter your full name and correct age as per your valid ID card.
  • All seats in Makruzz-3 are issued under the Economy Category and there is no distinction like Premium, Deluxe or Royal. There’s only one category of seats which are all priced the same.
wdt_ID Ferry Operator Departure Place Departure Time Arrival Place Arrival Time Book Now
1 Makruzz Port Blair 06:00 AM Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 07:30 AM Book Now
2 Nautika Lite Port Blair 06:30 AM Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 08:30 AM Book Now
3 Green Ocean 2 Port Blair 06:40 AM Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 09:00 AM Book Now
4 Green Ocean 1 Port Blair 07:00 AM Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 09:20 AM Book Now
5 Nautika Port Blair 07:30 AM Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 09:00 AM Book Now
6 Makruzz Port Blair 08:00 AM Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 09:30 AM Book Now
7 Nautika Lite Port Blair 11:15 AM Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 01:15 AM Book Now
8 Makruzz Port Blair 11:15 AM Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 12:45 PM Book Now
9 Nautika Port Blair 12.45 PM Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 02:00 PM Book Now
10 Green Ocean Port Blair 01:00 PM Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 03:00 PM Book Now
11 Makruzz Port Blair 02:00 PM Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 03:30 PM Book Now
12 Green Ocean Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 09:15 AM Neil / Shaheed Dweep 10:45 AM Book Now
13 Nautika Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 09:20 AM Neil / Shaheed Dweep 10:20 AM Book Now
14 Green Ocean Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 09:45 AM Neil / Shaheed Dweep 10:45 AM Book Now
15 Makruzz Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 10:00 AM Neil / Shaheed Dweep 11:00 AM Book Now
17 Makruzz Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 02:00 PM Neil / Shaheed Dweep 03:30 PM Book Now
18 Nautika Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 02:30 PM Neil / Shaheed Dweep 03:30 PM Book Now
19 Nautika Neil / Shaheed Dweep 10:45 AM Port Blair 12:00 PM Book Now
20 Green Ocean 2 Neil / Shaheed Dweep 11:00 AM Port Blair 12:45 PM Book Now
21 Green Ocean 1 Neil / Shaheed Dweep 11:15 AM Port Blair 12:45 PM Book Now
22 Makruzz Neil / Shaheed Dweep 11:30 AM Port Blair 12:30 PM Book Now
23 Makruzz Neil / Shaheed Dweep 03:30 PM Port Blair 04:30 PM Book Now
24 Nautika Neil / Shaheed Dweep 04:00 PM Port Blair 05:15 PM Book Now
25 Makruzz Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 08:00 AM Port Blair 09.30 AM Book Now
26 Nautika Lite Havelock / Swaraj Dweep 09:00 AM Port Blair 11:00 AM Book Now
Ferry Operator Departure Place Departure Time Arrival Place Arrival Time Book Now


⚠️ Ferry Booking Advice by GO2ANDAMAN

1. Always book ferry tickets before confirming hotels.

We cannot stress on this enough. We have a number of people approaching us every season with a booked hotel at Port Blair (with a strict refund policy) looking to somehow get a ferry ticket from Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) to Port Blair. Unfortunately, once the tickets are sold out, it becomes impossible to get a ferry for that day.

2. Do not leave ferry bookings to the last minute.

Andaman Islands have become tourist hot spots in the last couple of years leading to a shortage of ferries on all routes, whether it is Havelock to Port Blair or Havelock to Neil Island, during the peak holiday season. So, ferry tickets get sold out weeks before the scheduled departures. We advise you to book your ferry tickets online as soon as your plan to visit the Andaman Islands is finalized.

Why Book With Us?


Government Ferry from Havelock to Port Blair

  1. Government ferries from Havelock to Port Blair to  are operated by Directorate of Shipping Services (DSS). The department primarily operates for the convenience of local islanders. Since this is the only way of transportation for the islanders, tickets are highly subsidized for them. 
  2. Govt. Ferry booking is not available on our platform. The information given below for the government ferry from Havelock to Port Blair is simply for your understanding and reference. 

They’re available everyday and depart from the Port Blair Jetties. 

Why do we not take bookings for Government ferries?

If you want a hassle-free & stress-free holiday, we suggest you to not opt for govt. ferries. Government ferries are primarily aimed at transporting locals and are not recommended for tourists. Go2Andaman does not book govt. ferry tickets.

You can buy the tickets when you arrive in Port Blair. Do note that queues for tickets start early in the morning, are usually long and if you are at the far end of the queue, seats might get filled by the time your turn comes.

Are Private Ferries worth the price?

Private ferries from Port Blair to Neil Island cost a little more but they are worth the price. They run on time, are clean and well organized with ferry staff to assist you at all points. You can compare fares & timings for all ferries and book tickets for any of the ferries with us. We’re a one-stop shop for all your ferry needs. 


Ferry Journey Timeline

  1. After booking your tickets online, you will be sent an email asking for Name, Age, and Gender of all passengers
  2. On providing details, receive your confirmed ticket in an email. Print this out, as soft copy tickets are not accepted.
  3. Reach Havelock jetty at least 1 hour prior to your sailing time.
  4. Check-in your luggage and take your allotted seats.
  5. Set sail to Port Blair, and enjoy the beautiful views of the sea. Snacks will be served on board.
  6. Reach Port Blair jetty in 90 minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

  • Do you need to buy a ticket for an infant?

    On most ferries, an infant above the age of 1 year is charged on a full-charge basis and an infant below the age of 1 year can travel free of cost. On some ferries, an infant below the age of 1 year is charged a small fee. This changes from operator-to-operator. 

  • Do you have to take a print out of the ticket?

    It is mandatory to carry a print-out of your ferry tickets. A soft copy or email confirmation is not valid to board the ferry. Another important document to carry is your valid ID Card/ Passport. 

  • How long before the scheduled ferry time should I be at the jetty?

    We recommend that you reach the jetty at-least 45 mins prior to the departing time so you have sufficient time for boarding. If travelling with children or senior citizens, 1 hour prior would be ideal. The boarding gates close 30 mins before departure.

  • What is the check-in & luggage drop-off process?
    • Once you reach the jetty gates, your tickets are checked after which you are allowed to enter the jetty
    • Then you get your luggage scanned, pick up your luggage & start walking towards your ferry
    • You then drop off your bags at the back side of ferry in the luggage store compartment
    • After that you can board the ferry and take your seats.
  • What are the facilities available on the ferry?
    • Both Makruzz and Green Ocean Ferries have cafes where you can buy hot and cold beverages, snacks and mineral water.
    • There are lavatories for use for both men and women.
    • If you have booked Royal class seats,  refreshments would be provided on your seats. If you have booked Premium or Deluxe class seats then you would need to buy your refreshments from the canteen on the ferry.
  • What are the mandatory documents one should carry?
    • It is mandatory to carry a valid ID proof for all the passengers.
    • If you are a non-Indian you will need to carry a vaild passport.