7 Must Try Local Experiences in Andaman

Andaman does have a range of experiences of experiences for you to choose from. While the hype revolves around the tropical vibe, beach scenes, and water sports, many miss out on one key aspect of the entire stay- the local experience.
There are a lot of experiences that you will find exclusively in Andaman and you can come across fairly easily. We’ve prepared a list of these local experiences in Andaman and have shared information about how and where you can book them! 

#1 Reside at the Karen Homestay in Mayabundar


The Karens have been staying at Andaman for a long time and have become one of its local communities. The history of modern Andaman lies with them, and they are open to sharing all their knowledge. This particular local experience in Andaman is for those who are looking to know the history and culture of the island and its inhabitants.

You can opt for a Karen Homestay in Mayabundar to get a local experience. Enjoy the enthusiastic hospitality of your hosts as you learn the art of traditional Karen cooking act with the elders of the community and get insights on why these first-generation Burmese chose Andaman as their abode. You can have a gala time swimming in the azure waters or discover the wonders of the marine world while indulging in snorkeling. There isn’t a single dull moment on this tour. Find out more about this homestay here.

#2 Go Bird Watching


You may not know it, but Andaman is home to a huge flock of birds that can be seen and heard all around the island. Some of these birds are migratory, but many rare species can be spotted year-round! The interest in bird watching and photography has increased so much that tours have started being organized to spot them. The tours may take up the full day so plan accordingly. This local particular  experience in Andaman can be thrilling for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Find out more about the Bird Photography Tours here.

#3 Head on a Night Kayaking trip


Perhaps one of the most beautiful experiences in Andaman, night Kayaking certainly deserves more hype. Now, we know that night kayaking can be done in several other places around the world but night kayaking through the bioluminescent effect of the water is truly just exclusive to Andaman. Explore the quiet of the islands on the calm backwaters of the Andaman Sea. Night Kayak around the region for a tour that takes you through the lush green mangroves of Havelock and introduces you to an experience that is both exciting and soothing at the same time. One of the safest and easiest water activities on the island, night kayaking is the best way to connect with water for non-swimmers. The scene is really mystical. If you can’t swim, that’s absolutely no problem as everyone is provided with a life jacket before entering the boat. This local experience in Andaman isn’t too tiring and can be experienced by anyone who . Find out more about the night kayaking trip here.

#4 Try out the Bed and Breakfast Stays with Locals

Ko-Hee Homestay

Andaman locals have made the best use of their prime locations by the opening bed and breakfast stays near their residences. These stays may not be as luxurious as resorts but the rooms are excellent and well furnished and this is one of the most wholesome local experiences in Andaman. Most B&Bs offer services such as airport shuttles, laundry, room service, and other such perks that make them perfect for a budget trip.

#5 Check out the Mud Volcanoes

Take an adventure trip in Baratang to see the mud volcanoes

Andaman is special and is coincidentally one of the few places in the world where you can witness mud volcanoes. These small muddy craters are created by natural gases emitted by decaying organic matter underground that push mud upwards. You shouldn’t expect something big on the lines of the typical volcano eruption or lava spurts, because none of that will really happen. Most of the time it’s just mud spurting out of the ground. However, it is a unique geological feature of Andaman that may be intriguing to those who research such phenomena. If possible, give this place a visit.

#6 Hop on board a Government Ferry


As your city has mass metros/ local trains, Andaman has its ferries that are just as essential. Being the primary mode of travel from one island to another, government ferries have become a favorite of the locals. The open decks are enjoyed by everyone and you’ll have a great time on the short trip. It may be difficult securing seats in these ferries, you can book the tickets from the booking office up to 3 days before the travel date. This local experience in Andaman gives glimpse of the daily life of the people of Andaman, which will help you connect to the place even more. Find out more about government ferries in Andaman here.

#7 Sign up for a Boat Trip to See Barren Island

If you think Andaman can’t get any cooler, you’re in for a surprise. Despite being just 3 km in length, Barren Island is home to India’s largest active volcano! The volcano plays a key role in the annual temperature variation and keeping the continental climate stable. The island is uninhabited, and due to safety concerns, you will not be allowed to set foot on the island. The closest place to Barren Island is Havelock, from where you can take a ferry to see the island. A lot of great pictures can be taken of this volcanic island!

While the normal attractions do steal the show most of the time, do make space in your schedules for some of these experiences if not all. They will undoubtedly prove to be worth your while.

We hope you have a wonderful time in Andaman. Check out our other blogs to know more about the islands.
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