Beaches in Havelock

Havelock, now known as Swaraj Dweep, the most popular island among tourists is located about 70 km north of the capital city, Port Blair. Swaraj Dweep has white sandy beaches, blue waters, and some of the best diving locations in the continent. Havelock has the reputation of being so full of adventure, that one can spend a lifetime here. Beaches in Havelock are highly popular, and they are divided & named by numbers and the areas are numbered too (Village 1-7). Beaches #3 and #5 have most of the resorts, bars, and cafés. In case you’re looking to have fun, stay there. Here’s a list of all the beaches in Havelock that have grown to be major tourist attractions.

#1 Radhanagar Beach


Radhanagar Beach is the most popular beaches in Havelock. Rated as the ‘Best Beach in Asia’ and ‘7th Best Beach in the World’ by Times Magazine, Radhanagar has made quite a name for itself.  Blue waters, white sand, perfect depth, and waves make it the archetype beach experience. Dotted with palm and mahua trees, the beach offers tourists a tranquil ambiance to relax and unwind amidst nature. The scenery is so surreal that it will allow you to reconnect with the poet within yourself. You can choose Radhanagar Beach for a complete makeover of mind. The beach is extremely popular, but the stretch is so vast, you won’t notice it’s crowded. Surrounded extensively with bushes, long trees, and greenery all over, this is the perfect paradise for someone who craves solitude by nature.  Radhanagar has almost no rocks, so it’s absolutely safe for swimming!

#2 Neil’s Cove 


A part of the Radhanagar beach stretch, Neil’s Cove is known for a small lagoon where people can swim, and it’s just 20 minutes away from Radhanagar. It’s the ideal place for solo travelers and adventure seekers and makes for one of the most peaceful beaches in Havelock. You’ll get a lot of postcard-worthy pictures here so carry your cameras! You’ll also find some fine snorkeling spots in the calm sea. Do go with a guide who knows the route to this place, or carry a map with you. Be careful snorkeling in the cove, as salt-water crocodiles have been spotted there many times so we don’t recommend swimming here.

#3 Elephant Beach

go2andaman-elephant-beach-havelock-6947 (1)

This beach is named so because elephants were brought here for the felling of trees, carrying logs, and were also taught to swim to transport logs from one place to another during colonial times. These elephants thus gave the beach its name. 

Elephanta Beach can be reached via two ways – the forest path (trek – guided or walk, 20-25 mins) or via a speedboat (10-15 mins). Reaching Elephant beach will cost about INR 750 via ferry. This beach is now famous for its water sports. Activities such as snorkeling, jet ski, sea walking, and parasailing are available here. Outside food is prohibited, however, one can find lots of fruit and coconut stalls. Elephanta beach is a no-plastic zone, so keep that in mind on your visit here. An interesting fact about this beach is that 2 elephants still roam the area and if you’re lucky, you might see one of them. Don’t worry, they are harmless and don’t attack visitors.

#4 Kalapathar Beach


Named after the black pebbles and stones that adorn the shoreline, Kalapathar Beach is the perfect place for couples because it’s less-visited as most tourists prefer visiting Radhanagar. Also known as Sunrise Beach, during late evenings and early mornings, the beach resembles a movie set. Yes, it’s that beautiful. Couples can enjoy the peace and quiet and can indulge in PDA without judgmental looks from a passerby. Kalapathar beach is in fact one of the most romantic beaches in Havelock. The beach is also an ideal point for photography, and a lot of stunning pictures can be captured here. If you’re in the adventurous spirit, you can try finding the secret beach just ahead of Kalapathar that is secluded. Good luck!

Pro Tip: All beaches shut after sunset, so plan your visit to them accordingly.

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