About Rangat

About Rangat

Rangat Island, Andaman
Volcanic rocks at Moricedera Beach, Rangat

Rangat is the second largest town in Andaman islands. Just like Mayabunder, this town is not very popular with tourists. It is rarely on the traveller’s list of must-see places, but those who do end up here can be surprised by the attractions it has to offer. There are unique beaches, some with volcanic rocks and other with pristine sand, perfect for turtle nesting during the season (December to January). There are mangrove sanctuaries and awareness centres with the longest walking trails among mangrove forest in India. After the monsoons, one can even visit a scenic waterfall or wander around enormous plantations of spices.

All sights are more or less equidistant from Rangat and some planning has to be done if you want to explore all of them. The town itself has nothing much to offer. There are some shops, with well-stocked market, food stalls and plenty of chai sellers. Fisheries and cultivation are the two primary occupations of locals. Since they see few tourists, they can seem over-friendly and sometimes even over-charge for services.

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