Parrot Island – Andaman’s Hidden Gem


Andaman and Nicobar Islands have many unexpected places which are a welcome surprise to many. These lesser known places are often missed by most tourists even though they are looking for a unique experience. One such island lies 30 kms from Baratang, a popular mangrove area known for limestone caves and mud volcanoes. In about a few minutes of ride from the Baratang jetty you can get to see this remote island inhabited by innumerable species of parrots. Named on the different species of parrots found here, Parrot Island is a unique space in the middle of the sea.

This table shaped island sits quietly in the calm waters of the sea. The scene is quite ethereal here especially if you are a mature lover or a bird watcher. It’s a nestled ground of thick mangrove forest which looks like a well trimmed landmass from a far and as dusk pours in the twilight colours the golden hour sunset breaks in, coloring the air around it. There are more than 30 recorded species of parrots in the island and some more which remain unidentified. The Parrot Island birds have a unique feature, they break the branches of the mangrove giving it the trim garden look you see from your parked boat.

Parrot Island is the only place in Andaman where you can park a boat and get to see so many species of parrots at one place. 

How To Reach Parrot Island?

Many tourists visit Baratang to see the limestone caves and mud volcano but among them only a handful visit Parrot island. 1 out of 100 visit the place as most haven’t heard of the place before and they don’t have enough time to visit. 

Parrot Island is only a few kilometers from the Baratang Jetty and just like the Limestone caves you need to take a fiber boat to reach the island. The last boat leaves for the island around 4 pm which is ideal for witnessing the flocking of the parrots at sunset. This is an evening boat tour which costs 5000 per boat having a capacity to hold 8 people. Sunset happens by 4 pm and the boat returns you to baratang by 7pm. The whole trip is of 2-3 hours.

Best Time To Visit

The months of November to February, that is the winters, is the ideal time to visit Parrot Island. However, you will get to see them although the year as well

Do’s and Don’ts for This Tour


This is in the middle of the sea in Middle man where Parrots descend on the island at dusk and leave in the morning, leaving behind a trimmed landmass of mangrove trees. Since this happens at dusk and much of the traveling in islands is done by the day, there are certain things you must keep in mind to visit this place. 


  • You must plan an overnight stay in Baratang to visit Parrot Island.
  • You might not find enough takers for this so book the whole boat ride
  • Take some snacks to munch on
  • Take a camera and may be a set of binoculars to capture the ethereal sunset and the birds at Parrot Island
  • Remain on the boat and enjoy your time


  • It’s an uninhabited land which you are allowed to witness from a distance. So don’t try to get off from your parked boats
  • Don’t hurry and return without witnessing the sunset.The birds on parrot island are more visible just before and after the sunset. So linger there during that time
  • Make sure the boat driver doesn’t hurry you and let’s you enjoy the place
  • Don’t miss the last boat ride which leaves between 4-5pm depending upon the sunset timing The ideal time to visit is 1 hour prior to sunset which gives you enough to catch the birds in action at Parrot Island 
  • Don’t plan a single day visit to Baratang to do this. You need an overnight stay where you can do the Limestone caves and the mud volcano on the next day
  • If you are taking a boat early make sure you stay till the sunset. Don’t miss the sunset as that’s the time for the best sighting. 
  • Lastly, the area strictly falls under Jarawa Tribal Reserve, so in case you get a glimpse of a jarawa don’t take pictures of them as it is strictly prohibited under the law to interact or take photographs of them. 

That’s what a sunset tour to watch a unique bird island means. If you are someone with a knack of doing something different and you love nature and wildlife, then the Parrot Island tour is one thing that you shouldn’t miss. 

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