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Trek to Elephant Beach

About the activity

Get the best of both worlds on this experience by trekking through lush tropical forests.
Price shown includes:
Price for a 4-seater AC car with driver- INR 800
Charges for 1 person- INR 1450 
( Tickets for the trek) 
Total charges would be calculated based on the car you choose ( 4-seater or 7-seater) & no. of people 

About the Provider

Designed with you in mind, our experiences are tailored or built from scratch to suit your needs. We work with the choicest of trekkers and take careful measures to ensure your safety. With the help of precision planning, our team of experts, aims at giving you the best that there is to offer.  



  • Trekking guide to Elephant Beach and back.


  1. Meet your trek guide and being your hike at its starting point at village #6
  2. Enjoy the beautiful vistas on 1.8 km trek and reach the lagoon
  3. Take the scenic trek back from Elephant Beach


3 Hours


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Important Info

  1. Age Requirement: 5+ years
  2. The activity is restricted for pregnant women
  3. This trek is considered as an easy to moderate trail; basic fitness is required.
  4. All children must be accompanied by an adult
  5. Wear shoes and carry protective gears like hats, shades, insect repellents, sunscreen etc.
  6. No facilities for lunch/snacks at Elephant beach.
  7. Elephant Beach is under reserved forest areas, hence littering is dealt with strictly
  8. Leeches are found on rare occasions but snakes and lizards are quite common for a tropical island
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