5 Trails to go Trekking in Andaman in 2024

Written By Aditya Raj on January 23, 2021 Things To Do

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5 Trails to go Trekking in Andaman in 2024

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The landscape of the Andaman makes it perfect for people trying to bring out their adventurer and explorer in them. The Climate and the rainfall in Andaman make trekking even more interesting. There are various trails around the island that provide an exhilarating trekking experience. Here are some routes that we at Go2andaman recommend to go trekking in Andaman

1. Mount Harriet

Mount Harriet is just a few kms. from the Port Blair city centre. The uphill trek has spectacular views. The trail is shadowed by a thick forest canopy where sunlight reaching the forest floor is sparse.You can come across deer if you are lucky and various species of birds will accompany you throughout the journey.

The trek can be tiring as it is straight uphill, so take breaks in between to catch your breath and hydrate. In the monsoons, the clouds brush over the mountain so you may get soaked even if it isn’t pouring in areas nearby. The route may get muddy during the rains so carry proper trekking gear along.

The trail ends at a small park near the gov. guest house at the top. There is no food facility available there other than a small canteen selling potato chips and cold beverages, so carry water and snacks along.

2. Chidiya Tapu (Munda Pahad)

Chidiya Tapu is famous for its sunset, its scenic beach and of course the Munda Pahad view Point Trek. The trek is not very long and is more of a fun activity rather than an adventurous one.

The trees are labelled with their scientific names all along the trail and there are some spectacular sea view points so you can rest If needed. The route ends with a spectacular view of Rutland and few other islands in the distance. To locate the starting point of this trail just walk along the beach and you will come across a board pointing to the trail.

There are no water or snack shops around so carry some along.

3. Elephanta Beach

The Havelock island offers the best beaches in all of Asia and is one of the most beautiful places in all of India. The Elephant beach in Havelock is famous for its water sports and  snorkelling opportunities.

The beach can be reached easily by taking a ferry from the jetty or you can tie Up your laces, pack your backpack and take a route through the jungle to reach the beach. The trek is a simple one, and can be taken by beginners too. You will cross a jungle path and then some mangroves before you see the beach.

There are guides at the starting point, in case you want their service.

4. Saddle Peak

A seven hour uphill trek in the North Andaman (Diglipur) , this route is for the brave heart and the expert trekker. This is in fact one of the most strenuous places to go trekking in Andaman.

The trail leads into the evergreen forests of Andaman and is surrounded by untouched forests, flora and fauna. Spotting deer, birds and even snakes is common on this path. Saddle peak is the highest point in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

This trek can get pretty exhausting as the humid forest can easily tire you and walking on the uneven floor of the forest is very different from walking on the road. Overall if you are an adventurer and have the physical fitness to trek for 7 hours then this trek is going to be an adventure tale that you will be telling your grandchildren.

5. Alfred Caves

Among the 41 known limestone caves in Andaman is Alfred caves, lesser-known but one of the laudable Andaman and Nicobar Islands points of interest. It is well protected by the dense forests and its secluded location makes it different from other limestone caves of Andaman.

A delight for trek aficionados, but not easy to reach given the muddling jungle trails. Therefore, it is advisable to take a guide along, after a one-hour trek, you can expect to explore a few caves on your own. Swiftlet birds are natural inhabitants; whose edible nests form a significant part of Chinese cuisine. Book a cab and hire a guide after which a trek of 1 hour will get you to Alfred Caves.

Start your journey early in the morning so you can trek in a cooler and less humid environment.  Carry plenty of water and a good pair of shoes. Do not litter around as it is home to many animals and the government prohibits any such activity that contributes to natural destruction.

The best part about Andaman is that there’s something for everyone. You could opt for a fun trek in Chidiya Tapu or really go trekking in Saddle Peak (definitely not for the faint heart). We hope you got all the information you needed to go trekking in Andaman.

Aditya Raj

Aditya was born in Rangat, Middle Andaman. He has traveled all over the Andaman and Nicobar islands, lived with Nicobaris and been to Baratang over a dozen times. He is a 3rd generation resident of the islands.