Best Beaches in Neil Island (2024 Edition)

Written By Go2andaman Editorial Team on February 11, 2024 Things To DoBest BeachesNeil Island

Things To DoBest BeachesNeil Island

Best Beaches in Neil Island (2024 Edition)

Escape 40 km from Port Blair, and Neil Island, now Shaheed Dweep, unfolds like a cozy village draped in sparkling beaches. Within just 2 hours, you can traverse its entirety, a pocket-sized paradise giving irresistible charm and laid-back vibes.

Despite its small size, Neil Island is big on character, with beaches named after Ramayana’s legendary figures. For beach enthusiasts, it’s the ultimate retreat, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and mythological allure. Neil Island isn’t just a spot on the map, it’s an oasis of calm where the sea whispers stories of simplicity and charm.

Let’s dive into the best Beaches in Neil Island.

Top Beaches in Neil Island

1. Sitapur/Sunrise Beach

Let’s talk about one of the best Beaches in Neil Island. This untouched paradise, known as the “sunrise beach,” offers pristine sands free from pollution. With two curved bays and inviting blue waters, it’s a perfect spot for an all-day swim.  At low tide, explore the second bay’s caves or bask in Sitapur’s calm.

This uncrowded gem lacks facilities, but the trade-off is a pure connection with nature. Enjoy the simplicity, and if you’re thirsty, indulge in the only available delight – fresh coconuts!

Best Time to Visit: Early Morning.
Things To Do: Relaxing, Sunrise, and Sunbathing.
G2A Tips: Sunscreen, sunscreen & sunscreen! (also wait for low tide)
Luxury stays: TSG Aura Resort.
Location: Click Here

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2. Bharatpur Beach

Have you reached Bharatpur Beach? it is the lively heart of Neil Island, this is the only beach here that offers scuba diving. Dive into its shallow waters, perfect for both swimmers and non-swimmers. Snorkeling unveils a bustling underwater world with colorful fish and budding corals. For comfort-seekers, glass-bottom boat rides and snorkeling trips are at your fingertips. Amidst the activity, find peace by strolling away from the crowds, where the only sounds are the sea’s whispers.

Like Sitapur, it is a sunrise beach and unlike it, it has stalls and facilities

Best Time to Visit: Early Morning.
Things To Do: Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Glass Bottom Boat Ride.
G2A Tips: Take care while walking barefoot as the beach is covered with trash like plastic bottles and broken glass because it is frequented by tourists.
Luxury stays: DIVEIndia Dancing Dugong Resort
Budget stays: Hotel Shreesh, Mega Resort.
Location: Click Here

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3. Ramnagar Beach

Bored of seeing chicken eggs? Time to see turtle eggs!

Welcome to Ramnagar Beach, an Andaman gem where luck unveils the enchantment of turtle nesting. Dive into small lagoons teeming with marine wonders perfect for snorkeling. Rent your gear, swim the S-shaped coral reef, and witness a kaleidoscope of colorful fish. For the adventurous, explore further for live corals.

Caution to new swimmers, the waves on the reef can be challenging. Yet, the reward is privacy on this deserted beach, perfect for sunbathing. 

Best Time to Visit: Evening.
Things To Do: Snorkeling, Sunset, Turtle nesting.
G2A Tips: We recommend sunsets here without the bustle of a crowd.
Luxury stays: Symphony Summer Sands.
Budget stays: Blue Lagoon Resorts, Hotel Highness Sea Rock.
Location: Click Here 

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4. Laxmanpur Beach

Let’s talk about Lakshmanpur Beach, a hidden gem that unveils its allure with long stretches of white sand, turquoise-blue waters, and lush green forests. High tide transforms it into a natural swimming pool. The Best Beach in Neil Island for snorkeling, it offers glimpses of vibrant marine life, including the elusive Dugong – State animal of Andaman Islands.

As the day fades, the beach takes center stage as the island’s sunset point, drawing crowds for a mesmerizing spectacle.

Best Time to Visit: Before Sunset.
Things To Do: Snorkeling, Sunset Viewing.
G2A Tips: We Recommend to visit this beach for a scenic Sunset. You could take a mat and snacks and enjoy a relaxing end to your day.
Luxury stays: Pearl Park Beach Resort Private Limited
Budget stays: Purnima Residency, Blue Bird Residency.
Location: Click Here 

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5. Natural Rock Formation

Well, The Howrah Bridge is nature’s wonder here. It shows up during low tide on the rocky beach. Walk across the rocks and corals to see the magic. Take a dive to meet small fish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and starfish. Some spots have colorful corals growing again. Be careful—rocks can be slippery, and some are sharp.

In the late afternoon, everyone gathers at the Howrah Bridge. It’s the last stop before the sunset show.

Best Time to Visit: Daytime.
Things To Do: Sightseeing.
G2A Tips: We Recommend to visit here only at low tides. Wear footwear with a thicker sole to avoid getting sore feet from walking on the rocks
Luxury stays: Sea Shell Neil
Budget stays: Hotel Exotica Squares, Dream Valley Resort.
Location: Click Here

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