Neil Island

Things to Do and Sightseeing


Magnificent bio-diversity, unexplored coral reefs, milky-white beaches, tropical forests, and vegetation in abundance – Neil Island is the queer, rustic sister of the neighbouring Havelock!

Beautiful Bharatpur at Neil Island
Beautiful Bharatpur at Neil Island

The island with its beaches named after mythological characters from the Ramayana is unique with its rustic charm. Spend a couple of days here and you never want to leave. Tourist attractions are as follows: 

Laxmanpur Beach

In simple words, this beach is one of the best beach’s to experience a sunset in the Andaman Islands. Long stretches of white sand, turquoise blue waters, and lush green forests, beach No. 1 aka Laxmanpur Beach is postcard perfect! Read more

Natural Rock Formation
Howrah Bridge - Natural Rock Formation at Neil Island
Howrah Bridge – Natural Rock Formation at Neil Island

Locally known as the Howrah Bridge this natural wonder formed by water flowing beneath large rocks is a sight to behold. Make sure to visit during low tide and walk carefully on the slippery sharp parts as this beach is covered entirely by dead corals. Read more

Sitapur Beach

Popularly known as the sunrise beach, the Sitapur beach is straight out of a radiant painting. A peaceful beach with two curved bays and clear blue waters, the place is nothing short of sublime. At low tide, one can walk to the second bay and explore the small caves or just enjoy the quietude of the beach. Various yoga practitioners often visit the beach at the break of dawn and various tourists and locals alike visit to simply enjoy the fresh morning breeze. Read more

There are some beautiful hotels near Sitapur beach. The only drawback is that this is a little away from the rest of the town. Find all hotels at Sitapur beach here.

Bharatpur Beach

One of the best places for a classic swim and watersports, Bharatpur Beach is a great place to spend the afternoon with your family. You can partake in water activities like Jet Ski and Glass Bottom Boat Ride here. Read more

Ramnagar Beach

One of the most underrated beaches in all of Neil Island, the Ramnagar Beach with its white sand shore, numerous trees (providing plenty of shade), and amazing coral reefs is everything glorious! Apart from the many resorts that line the beach area, this site also has a few breathtaking snorkeling spots.

Note that the beaches at Neil are greatly affected by the nature of the tide. During low tide swimming in many beaches is not possible owing to the sharp corals and rocks of the region.


Since Neil is all about beaches, most of the things to do on the island are also related to water or water sports. If you get tired of lying on the beach or you have finished your book, here are some of the activities you can choose from:


Tropical crystal clear waters and a plethora of vibrant marine life around Neil Island, makes it a popular destination for scuba diving in Andamans. Discover scuba diving or become a PADI/SSI certified Open Water Diver there are a variety of option for those looking to explore the ocean beds. 

Find the best deals for Scuba diving in Neil Island here.


Crystal clear waters, enchanting corals, and an array of fish make Neil Island a great spot for snorkeling. There are different ways in which you can experience snorkeling – you can pay on spot and try this out at the Bharatpur beach – mainly recommended only for first timers especially those on a budget.

Indian Scuba Explorers take people on snorkeling trips, the way they teach depends on your skill level – first timers are welcome, but this is a little on the expensive side. Many resorts also rent snorkeling gear.

Other water sports

One can try water sports like Jet Ski, and Glass Bottom Boat Rides at Bharatpur beach. These are usually available between 9 am and 4 pm. You can avail this on the spot by paying at the beach. No prior booking is required.

Jungle Treks and Sports Fishing

No organized treks or fishing trips take place in Neil, these are often available and done by locals. Please check with your resort about this if interested, and they might be able to help you out.


Over the years, cycling around the islands has become both a way of getting around as well as a way of recreation. Neil sees a mix of farms and beaches, flourishing crops, and large beachside palm trees and exploring the island on a bicycle is a lot of fun.

Find all activities to do in Neil here.

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