Andaman & Nicobar Islands

All about the place

To the east of the Indian mainland, in the blues of the Bay of Bengal, floats the splendid group of the Islands of Andaman and Nicobar. 1,367 km from Chennai and 1,304 km from Kolkata, what were once graveyards of martyrs has now transformed into one of India’s best tourist spots.

Once a hill range extending form Myanmar to Indonesia, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands today are a group of 572 near deserted-islands, islets (small islands) and rocks. Its majestic forests and exotic flora and fauna take your breath away. More than 86% of the islands’ area is under forest cover, home to animals like the spotted deer, wild boar, gecko, crab-eating macaque and pythons. Its glistening white beaches are also nesting homes to a variety of sea turtles.

The jewel in the crown, however, is the marine life here. The elegance of the crystal clear blue waters, incredible corals and the myriad creatures that inhabit the ocean leave you spellbound. Exploring the marine life first-hand through activities like scuba diving and fishing guarantee an enriching experience of coming just an inch closer to nature.

The capital city of Port Blair houses the majority of mainland settlers on the island today. Prior to colonial rule, however, the islands were home to indigenous tribes, some of who still populate pockets of the archipelago.

Tourist infrastructure development has been on the rise over the year, but the islands still remain virgin with untouched natural beauty and unexplored marine life. If you wish to visit these islands, now is a great time!

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