6 Best Places To Visit In Havelock Island

Written By Go2andaman Editorial Team on January 23, 2021 Things To DoHavelock

Things To DoHavelock

6 Best Places To Visit In Havelock Island

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Have you ever fantasized getting lost on a gorgeous island away from the chaos of daily life? If yes, there is no better place than Havelock Island aka Swaraj Dweep. Spanning across an area of 92 square kilometres, it is one of the largest islands nestled in the lap of Andaman. Named after Henry Havelock, a 19th century British General,  this region boasts of pristine beaches and picturesque landscapes that redefine beauty.

With concrete hotels and resorts, Havelock Island Tourism has seen a sharp rise in the present times. With different places to visit in Havelock, tourists often crave to stay here for a lifetime. With little mobile network and internet connectivity, Havelock offers a peaceful escape from the monotony of urban life. You can spend days swimming in the deep blue sea, sampling delicious local food and sunbathing at the pretty beaches. With the presence of small eco-huts and hippie cafes, visitors can also expect little nightlife on the island.

How to reach Havelock Island?

The closest airport is in Port Blair and flights operate daily from major Indian cities namely Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi. There are frequent government as well as private ferries that take visitors from Port Blair to Havelock. The private ferries are luxurious and take around 90 minutes to reach the island. On the other hand, the time taken by Government ferries is 2.5 hours.

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Best Time to Visit Havelock Island

Havelock has a salubrious climate throughout the year. March to May constitute the summer season. The weather is hot and the temperature rises as high as 34 degrees Celsius. However, an afternoon swim in the sea makes it bearable. You can also indulge in water sports such as diving, snorkelling, glass-bottom boat rides and so on.

Monsoon starts in May and continues until September. The region receives heavy rainfall and everything looks greener and fresh. There are very few tourists on the island and you get good discounts on hotels and flights. Winter months between October and February are the best time to visit Havelock. It is also the busiest time of the year. The temperature ranges from 20 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius and the weather is pleasant. Winters are perfect for relaxing on the beaches and taking a swim in the sparkling water. It is also a good time to indulge in various water sports.

Mobile Network and Internet Connectivity

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘wander where the WiFi is weak’? It was probably Havelock they were talking about. Mobile and internet connectivity is generally poor but can be surprisingly fast sometimes. It is better to not rely on it.

There are countless things to do and see in Havelock that can keep tourists happy for days. Scroll down to read our recommendations when it comes to the best places to visit in Havelock.

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