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With water at its bluest blest, silky sublime beaches, dense lush mangroves, and some of the best diving sites in the continent Havelock is a traveller’s wonderland. Here’s everything there is to see and do in Havelock Island.

Radhanagar Beach or Beach No. 7: Voted as the best beach in the continent, Radhanagar Beach is without a doubt the most famous beach on the Andaman Islands. With its unforgettable curve of white sand, crystal waters, and lush forests the beach is not just an absolute feast for the eyes, but also, the mind.

Elephant Beach

Most popular for being a snorkeling hotspot and the variety of water activities that it has to offer, the secluded Elephant Beach is yet another breathtaking beach in the Havelock Island. With its sugary white sand, ancient trees, and reef beaming with exotic corals near the shore, this is one of the must visit places in the Andaman Islands.

Govindnagar Beach or Beach No. 1 and Beach no 2

Beach no. 1 starts at the jetty with a line of hotels and resorts on its shores. From village #1 to Village #2, one can find mangroves and rocky patches making it not ideal to swim, snorkelling is advised only for the experienced.

Divers also call the reef at Beach #2 as Nemo Beach and almost all diving institutes conduct their introductory dives here.

Beach No. 3

Not a very popular beach among tourists, mainly because of the mangroves, rocks and dead coral bed which stops one from swimming or snorkeling. Nonetheless, the water here is brilliantly blue and the views are amazing. It is not advised to swim here because of the strong currents.

Vijaynagar Beach or Beach No. 5

If long sandy coastlines and tropical waters seem inviting to you, here is where you should spend your time in Havelock. Offering the perfect sun and sand experience in the island, Vijaynagar beach is lined with coconut trees and unlike the shores of beach #1, #2 & #3, #5 beach has some patches of just white sand making them ideal to spend your day swimming or just sunbathing.

Kalapathar Beach

Just as the name suggests, this white coastline is adorned with black rocks, making it impossible to swim in the Kalapathar Beach. Best known for the stunning sunrises it has to offer, this beach is reached by road and involves a scenic ride on the eastern coast of Havelock. Most tourists end up here only for photo opportunities, but backpackers buckle your boots for an amazing trek trails through the forests that extend further from Kalapathar beach.


All thanks to the variety of activity the island has to offer, Havelock Island is a fun magnet that attracts anybody paying a visit to the Andaman Islands. While its pristine beaches with white sandy shores allure many travellers, it’s the crystal clear waters with its exotic corals that keep inviting adventure seekers here. Havelock has the best of Nature, from basic huts for backpackers to the most luxurious resorts for sophisticated travellers – the place has it all.

Here are a few things to do in Havelock Island:

Scuba Diving

With exclusive diving spots that let you swim amongst the rare corals and a variety of fish from the tropical islands, Havelock is a hotspot for scuba activity in Andaman. Try diving for fun or go ahead and become a PADI or SSI certified Open Water Diver, plan your advanced open water courses here or just discover scuba diving, Havelock will not disappoint you. Seems like an adventure? Book here


Tropical waters, fascinating corals, and a variety of vibrant fish make Havelock a perfect spot for those wanting to indulge in snorkeling. Book some of the best packages here.


Besides the dream-like white sandy beaches, Havelock is also famous for being home to 1/5 of India’s total mangrove cover. Hop into a kayak and explore the wilderness of the island, hear the chirping of the birds, and find peace as you row your kayak surrounded by nature. You could also opt for the night kayaking option in Havelock and experience the wonder of nature as you see the glowing bioluminescence with each paddle you make. Book here

Jungle Trekking

There are quite a few trails identified as safe to explore in Havelock. Walk through the forest covers and venture onto unknown paths – Havelock will never fail to awe you. It is always advisable to inform the local police station about your trip and avail permissions because unknowingly you may end up trespassing in reserved forests. While trekking through the Havelock jungles beware of poisonous snakes like the Andaman Cobra and the King Cobra and steer clear of crocodiles in the dense mangroves. Here’s a list of common trek trails:

Trek to Elephant Beach

This 1.8 km trail starts at Village #6. It involves a maximum of 5 to 10 meters of elevation, not very steep. One can reach Elephant beach in 20 to 30 min by a normal walk through the forest. Not advised during the rainy season, as it can get slippery and extremely slushy. Leeches are rare but look out for snakes. While on this trek remember to spot the towering Garjan trees and if the tide is high, wading through backwaters is an experience in itself.

Kalapathar Forest Trek

Considering the flat trail running adjacent to the coast, this easy trek is everything beautiful. One is advised not to walk for more than 2 hours on this trail as it may lead you into the restricted areas of the forests. If you want to venture for more than 2 hours, please seek permission and guidance from the Havelock Police Station.

Chaar Naarial Trek

Only for the experienced trekkers, this one needs permission from the Police station, as it is illegal to venture into reserved forests. The trail is hidden far away in the village and one cannot do this without the support of a local dinghy/boatman from the village.

Sunset Cruise

Set sail on board the Aquafun Sail Boat for the most stunning sunset views from the middle of the sea. Carry along snacks and beverages to enjoy this unique experience

Bird Watching Tour

There are various species of birds that are endemic to the Andaman Islands like the Andaman Serpent Eagle, Andaman Treepie, Andaman Hawk Owl, and the Andaman Wood Pigeon among others. 

Game Fishing

Sail aboard a private boat on the crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea brimming with catch. Cast your line and reel in a variety of fish, all while relaxing in the warm tropical weather and enjoying the ocean spray. Too bad you got to put the fish back where it belongs, its’s an adventure nonetheless!

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