Port Blair

Things to Do and Sightseeing


Although a transit stop for many who visit the islands, Port Blair with its rich history and varied museums has its own charm that attracts visitors to the island. Here’s what the capital has to offer:

Cellular Jail:


Once an operational jailhouse during the British rule in India, the Cellular Jail today stands tall as a shrine to the freedom fighters it once imprisoned. Walk through its various corridors and get engrossed in the tales of the nation’s colonial past and the epic freedom struggle of martyrs that went through atrocities for the country’s independence. Read more…

Anthropological Museum:

Get a glimpse into the life of the islanders as you tour the Anthropological Museum and discover facts about the life and times of the tribes that call these islands their home. The Andaman Islands are home to six native tribes that maintain close to no contact with the rest of the world. As visitors are allowed inside tribal areas only with special permission, the museum is one of the few windows of opportunity that helps you get insights into tribal life. Read more…

Samudrika Naval Museum: 

A one-stop place for knowing everything about the Andaman Islands; the Samudrika Naval Museum, run by the navy opens its five galleries on geography, history, anthropology, and marine life for guests to have a better understanding of the islands. Read more…

Corbyn’s Cove Beach:

 Encircled by lush green coconut trees, Corbyn’s Cove is the only beach in Port Blair. Enjoy the spectacular journey and pass by several Japanese bunkers from World War II to arrive at the beach. Once there, you can opt for a swim in its azure waters or spend some time in quietude on one of the blue benches facing the sea. Read more…

Chatham Island: 

The Chatham Island is home to Asia’s oldest as well as the largest sawmill; the Chatham Government Saw Mill and is connected to Port Blair by a 100-meter long bridge. See the intricacies of wood making right from when the woods are being brought in on boats till they are being transformed into final wooden planks to be sent out to various destinations. The island also has World War II Bomb Pit that bears witness of the darker day of World War II where the island fell victim to British bombs.

While you’re here, don’t forget to stop by the Forest Museum maintained by the Forest Department. It is known to displays a wide variety of artifacts made from oak, gurjan, timbre, satinwood, and paduak that showcase the rich flora found on the island. Read more…



  • Chidiyatapu: Popular for offering one of the best sunsets the island has to offer, Chidiyatapu is home to a variety of birds and the Munda Pahad Beach. Adventure seekers are in for a treat as the place offers a great trekking trail that starts at the Munda Pahad beach and passes through a dense forest until it reaches an elongated cliff that offers a spectacular seascape. Read more…
  • Mt. Harriet: The highest peak in South Andaman, Mt. Harriet is one of the nine national parks in the archipelago. Offering the company of endemic birds, butterflies, and exotic wilderness, along with stunning views of the Ross Island and Havelock, the place is a photographer’s dream, come true. Read more…
  • Wandoor Beach: One of the most scenic beaches near Port Blair, Wandoor beach is located at a mere distance of 25 km from the main city. Besides offering a scenic coastline and crystal clear waters the beach is also famous for being the start point when visiting nearby islands like Jolly Buoy or Red Skin among others. Read more…



Ross Island

What once used to be the capital of the islands during the British region, Ross Island today is home to enchanting ruins from a bygone era. Maintained by the navy, the island is also home to a small museum and hosts a sound and light show that tells tales of the rich history of the islands. Read more…

Jolly Buoy Island

A part of the 15 islands in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, the plastic-free Jolly Buoy Island is known for its azure waters and immaculate white sand beaches. Spend your time coral spotting in its crystal clear water while you are gliding on a glass bottom boat or give your adventurous soul a little treat as you snorkel in the tropical waters of the island. Read more…

Viper Island

Named after the vessel in which Lt. Archibald Blair came to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Viper Island is home to some of the most intriguing ruins in the archipelago. The history, the culture, and tales of the British colonial rule on the islands can still be seen in the ruins, but only as a distant cry. Read more…

North Bay Island

Famous for housing the lighthouse featured on the reverse of the Rs. 20 note, the North Bay rewards anyone who braves the tough climb up with a spectacular view of the nearby islands of Ross and Port Blair in the expanse of brilliantly sparkling waters. Read more…


Port Blair offers a variety of activities that are thoroughly enjoyed by travellers. From riding a semi-submarine to bird watching, from sightseeing on island trips to boat rides, there is so much to do here!

Some of the best ones to try are:

  • Bird Watching Trip: Handcrafted by Go2Andaman and catered by one of the best marine biologist and bird watcher, bird watching trips are meant for those who want to experience Andamans differently. With its plethora of endemic and migratory birds, this trip cannot be done at a better place.
    View all bird watching trips here
  • Scuba Diving: Though Port Blair city does not have any scuba diving centres, Chidiyatapu, around 40-minutes from Port Blair has some incredible diving spots and two renowned diving institutes – Laca dives and Infiniti Scuba.
  • Boat trips: Explore the underwater world of the region on a semi-submarine ride aka coral safari or on a speed glass bottom boat, these activities bring you face-to-face with the marine life without even stepping into the water. See all Port Blair boat trips here.
  • Day Trips: If you have a day’s time at hand in Port Blair and want an interesting day tour all worked out with cars and chauffeurs, there are plenty that we have on offer. You can go to plastic-free Jolly Buoy Island or take a trip up to Mount Harriet; you can see the whole of Port Blair or explore beautiful sunsets at Chidiyatapu’s Munda Pahar beach or head to Ross Island, the land of enchanting ruins. See all day trips here
  • 2-night and 3-night community home stay with Karen Tribals: These are exclusive Go2andaman products, crafted for those who enjoy the offbeat and are ready for an adventure. Stay at a Burmese tribal home and experience fishing, snorkeling, nature walks and much more. See all Karen homestays trips here

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